Inspired in part by a scene from Crimson Peak and by This drawing by TinnyDanny of TTICSYost

Just a little Danny Phantom Pompous Pep fan fic for Valentines day

thanks to mistina60 for beta reading

Ship: Pompous pep

Anxious, Danny searched the well dressed crowd for any sign of Vlad. This was only the second ball he had attended with his lover so Danny still felt out of place among the all of these high class men and women. It was so different from just hanging out with his friends or going to a movie with either Vlad or Sam and Tucker. The only reason he had  had to come along was at Vlad’s request, which included a fair amount of bribery: a new ball gown that had been specially designed and tailored just for Danny.

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AHHHHHHHH!! I LOVE IT!! It’s so nice and visuals are so pretty and frick that lady, I’m a pretty babu~~



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