Welp, this is the awaited fae smut!  NSFW, SMUT GALORE, ALL THE BUTTS AND PEENS AND FAE BITS!! So before you go diving in, here is a bit of a warning.  Fae genitals are very different from human genitals, so this gets a little weird, so heads up.  You have been warned!

Danny’s cheeks flushed pearly pink, hands clasped to his chest and wings fluttering softly, almost shyly.  The other fae could sense that his natural scent was beginning to get stronger now that he was in a peacock monarch’s presence.  They slowly backed away, not wanting to be in Vlad’s way.

Vlad raised his head again, sniffing the air… then, all six scarlet eyes zeroed in on Danny.

The fae’s plump lips fell open in a tiny, silent gasp, wings absolutely trembling.

Blue wings snapped wide.  The black silk pods at the base of Vlad’s radiant wings opened wide, shooting ropes of sparkling, dark web out at the walls.  Danny sucked in another small breath – assaulted by the pheromones that rolled off of the black silk.  Vlad opened his wings as he walked forward, fluttering them to show off their radiant colors to the hen monarch; the smaller fae could barely move, unable to do anything but gaze up in wonder at his glory.  The peacock moved in… wrapping all four arms around Danny…

“For you are death…” Vlad sung, in a low, husky voice.

He stroked his lover’s cheek, smiling.  “And none can tell…?”

Danny swallowed, panting softly, the soft song pulled out of him.  “If I open the door…”

“To Heaven or Hell…”

Vlad’s deep voice finished it, as black web spun around them in a rough sphere, the foundations of their first nest.  The other fae silently left their new nesting grounds.  Outside, the manor had finished burning, and lay in silent, blackened ruins.

The moon reached its peak, at the stroke of midnight.


Inside the nest, Danny had pulled away from Vlad’s arms in a near desperate motion, trying so hard to clear his head of the peacock’s pheromones.  His wings were vibrating at his back, pods instinctively open and shooting out soft silver threads.  This was Danny’s nesting silk, thick with his own mating pheromones and as soft as down to the touch.  It made up the inner walls and soft bedding of the nest, the silky threads rubbing up against the fae’s sensitive skin and heightening both of their pleasure.

And right now, that thread was starting to mix with Vlad’s own inky black silk, and moved to wrap around each of Danny’s arms, carressing him softly.  Both fae’s wings were fluttering madly, unknowingly spinning that thread tighter and tighter…

“Mmnnn… Oooh~!!”

Danny squirmed and whined pitifully, so unaccustomed to not being in control of a situation – let alone his own body – and to being reduced to a vulnerable, whimpering mess with just a glance, just a touch…  He knew that a peacock monarch was powerful, he knew that he would be susceptible to Vlad in this form, that he would become a true hen once mated to the right peacock.

But he had not realized what it would feel like, how it would cloud his mind and judgement, trigger his need to breed and breed until that was all he was, the perfect little breeding hen, all stuffed full and pregnant…

Oh… Oh, that was a nice thought…

He whined again as he felt his lower petals grow swollen and open, outright throb as they began to drip, obscenely wet and begging for attention.  The sound he released was loud and high pitched, echoing around the nest as his body literally opened up for Vlad and begged.  


Vlad hummed – a sound deep and dark and at a frequency that could rattle human eyes like maracas, but it thrummed through Danny, vibrating that small, ivory body from his very marrow.   His scintillating wings fluttered at the new smells that met his nose, the strange new colors that he could see… the perspective of the eyes on his wings…

“I’ve never seen you like this before…”

His voice sounded deeper and silkier than it had when he was human.  Vlad’s wings fluttered, pleased by his own voice, so he spoke again.  “I knew you were beautiful before, but now…” he breathed, taking a small, weightless hop closer to his mate.  “Look at you…”

The young hen whined, a mewling sound that cooed from the back of his throat and sent Vlad’s instincts reeling.  Protect, provide, care for, feed, breed… possess

Danny took another shy little shuffle back, now standing in the heart of the nest.  His skin was beginning to flush the faintest of pinks and Vlad could even see how his legs were rubbing against each other as the young fae squirmed.  His sex had grown so swollen and irritated and wet, that it was becoming unbearable and he couldn’t even seem to stand still anymore!  He was drenched now, slick practically gushing down his legs…

“Oh… o-oh Vlad…”  Danny whimpered, big blue eyes taking in the large fae his lover had become, too overwhelmed for words.

Neither of them noticed how big the nest was growing, neither of them noticed they were still spilling silks saturated with their scent… and neither of them noticed how much more of that silk was wrapping around Danny’s limbs…

Vlad breathed in… and out… reached down between his legs, to feel at the new organ he could feel growing heavy, weighing down his pelvis.

What he found, actually made him look again.

The sharp, translucent stingers that covered his genitals parted willingly, like they had a mind of their own – and in Vlad’s grasp was a tapered organ that he could feel pulsing under its textured, leathery foreskin, like a sheath.  He could feel its rising temperature through the thick skin, but he couldn’t help but marvel over how HARD it felt.  Compared to the consistency of toughened silicone that his old cock had, this he could almost compare to the rubber grip of a baseball bat… with the foreskin pulled back, it was easily six inches in girth and over a foot long…

Vlad hesitated, even through the haze of his instincts, and looked up at Danny.  “My love… this…?”

Danny had to actually bite his tongue and draw blood in order to calm down.  Oh gods, he just wanted to spread his legs and beg…

“I… I told you once, l-long ago that our reproductive organs were… different, from human ones,”  Danny began to explain, ignoring the fact that he was actually beginning to make a puddle of his own slick at his feet.  “That… that is your sheath, m-my love.  It acts as not only protection for your sex, it also… also houses…”

He gulped then, cheeks flushing more as he held both hands up and made a cupping motion.  Vlad blinked in confusion, but after a moment he slowly reached back under the sheath, and felt the area where his balls once were.  In their place was simply a rounded extension of the sheath, large and heavy and swollen.  The sheath covered his scrotum, it seemed, but his scrotum was so large that it actually bulged

Danny had to look away as Vlad continued to explore himself, but kept talking.  He hoped to both teach Vlad, and also distract himself with the impromptu lesson.  “When a hen is in throes, a peacock can penetrate them with their sheath.  The slick of the petals aids in the stretch and my… the teeth…  The teeth grip onto the sheath like an anchor…”

He squirmed, forcing himself to look around the new nest and not towards his mate, or else he might just lose his mind.  “Then, the… a peacock’s sex will unsheath inside the hen, reaching deeper and deeper, so long and thick, it can reach the womb… h-here.”

Danny touched his chest, near where a human heart might be located.  “The sheath keeps you stationary, you won’t need to thrust with your hips like you did as a human… instead… you can control your organ i-itself, making it thrust… expand… t-twist…  ah, I… I think you get the… ah…”

There was a moment of silence…

Then, Vlad’s eyes wandered back over to his hen, focusing on the small puddle under Danny.  The little hen didn’t notice his focus shift, too keen on distracting himself even as his body began to enter mating throes.  He studied their nest, marveling at the size; it was a sign of a peacock’s virility.  He also studied the silks running up his arms, blinking in wonder as to why they were going so thick and tight around his wrists.  He had never mated properly before, so this confused him…

Danny whimpered as his body throbbed, rocking on his feet and trying so hard not to squirm or reach down and touch himself.  He was so wet…!

Vlad gave himself an experimental stroke.  He didn’t feel anything in particular… but he felt the organ inside growing warmer and warmer…

Abruptly, his wings whipped wide.

The silk around Danny’s wrists twisted, pulling tight.  The young fae cried out, wings fluttering madly as Vlad came close – taking hold of Danny’s hips and easily holding them up with one deathly pale hand.  

Danny’s arms were pulled tight away from his body; one set above his head, another not too far behind, and the third spread out to the sides.  His chest heaved in both confusion and heated arousal.  Such power… he couldn’t break free!  He could hardly struggle!

Oh… oh his lovely was so strong and powerful now…

Vlad looked at his long talons.  It took him a moment to retract them…

Then, he gently lay a fingertip on Danny’s sex, giving those rippling petals a light stroke.

“A-AHhnn!”  the little fae cried out, whimpered as his stingers parted widely and revealed his sex to the other fae.  The petals of his sex, not unlike a woman’s own outer vaginal lips, were swollen nearly red with blood and absolutely dripping with slick.  The hen’s thighs and legs were soaked, creating a fragrant mess on the nest floor.  Danny whined as the lips opened so easily under Vlad’s fingers, swollen and plump and his entrance just gapping.

“Oh… ooooh, V-Vlad… AHHNnnn~!”

Another gush of warm slick practically spouted out of him, plopping onto their nest’s floor.

Vlad purred, deep in his chest, and grabbed Danny’s hips with one set of hands, holding him tightly.  His other pair of hands wandered up the young fae’s stomach, and chest… wrapping gently around his throat and raising his jaw.  Glazed blue eyes stared into scarlet.

“I’ve always wished I could do this…” Vlad whispered.  “Pleasure you, as you were meant to be.  It bothered me for a long time… that I just wasn’t… equipped…”

His crimson eyes flicked down between them.  

His leathery sheath twitched and pulsed with veins as he slowly, gently, began to push it inside Danny.

“My beautiful D’Any’Domhnulla…”

“Ah ah ah AH AH AHHHHNNNNnnnnnn!!”

Blue eyes blew wide and Danny’s head fell back, mouth opening with a high pitched wail that would have had a normal human’s ears bleeding.  His legs spread apart and his hips twitched as, to Vlad’s surprise, the petals and lips of his sex actually sucked and swallowed, drawing him in deeper like a desperate, hungry little mouth.

Slick gushed and squelched out around his thick girth, Danny squealing and keening as his sex was stretched, stretched wider than ever before.  Finally the little hen’s legs met Vlad’s waist, wrapping around his thick body as best they could.  Vlad felt his scrotum press almost teasingly to Danny’s outer, wet lips, his sheath fully… well, sheathed.

And that’s when he felt Danny actually hiccup with surprise, back arching as those teeth snapped closed, biting down on the tough leathery flesh between his folds.

Vlad jumped involuntarily at the sensation of those razor teeth snapping down – but when their points dug into his skin, a soft gasp escaped him, eyes falling shut.  “Ohh…” he breathed.  His wings vibrated in the air, churning up a gentle breeze within their nest.  “Danny… OH…”

The hot, hard organ was… loosening… pushing upward, forcing more petals and valves and tingling, textured membranes to flex and move aside…

“Oh!!  Oh, my l-lovely, oh!  S-slow… slowly n-now, c-c-control it, OOOH~!!”

Vlad had never been this deep before, no where near this deep, and it was still only half of how deep Danny’s channel really was.  But this area was untouched, tight and sticky with a young, breedable hen’s slick and uncut membranes.  A sharp gasp left him every time Vlad punched a little bit further, the faes large cock breaking through the once untouched sex.

Unimaginable pleasure mixed with the pain and sent Danny reeling, mouth open in silent little gasps and screams as Vlad pressed deeper and deeper.  Soon he would have Danny completely open for him, soon his entire organ would be free and ready, soon he would wreck and own this little hen like no one had, claiming him as his own breeding hen and no one else’s, never again…

Soon, he would reach the very core of Danny’s body and locate his womb, breaking through the final membrane keeping the most potent and fertile of slick inside his body…

The humming, tapered bloodred tip of Vlad’s cock entered the hen’s womb.  

The peacock moaned, going to thrust out of reflex, only to stop when Danny’s body was pulled after him – still holding fast to the base of his foreskin.  “A-Ah!” the small fae gasped, back arching.

“I-I’m sorry…” Vlad panted, running his hands through his mate’s dark hair.  “I forgot…”

Danny panted, pressing his cheek into Vlad’s palm blindly.  “You… y-y-you c-control it… It… hah… Oh, I d-don’t know how t-to explain!  I’m n-not a peacock, I… Mnnn~!”

He gasped, lips swollen and shiny with drool as he tried to swallow past the glorious burn of that hot, hot organ.  “You c-can control it… y-y-you… oh…!”

Vlad struggled to catch his breath, trying to calm down, to let go of everything he learned as a human.  The human rules didn’t apply here…

He breathed out slowly… and traced a hand down over Danny’s chest.  He could feel his own heat there, twitching… oh gods, he almost didn’t want to open his eyes to see how far that extended…

/Move…/ Vlad thought.  

It was almost a prayer as he rolled his hips.  “Move…”

Slow as a glacier – a gentle roll started in the muscles at the base of it all.  It swelled, flexing, getting larger as it got closer to the womb; Vlad gasped quietly at the strange new ecstasy, and did it again.

“Oh… Oh!  Th-that’s it… that’s it!”  Danny gasped, petals suckling at Vlad’s sheath as a fresh gush of slick slid out.  The movement was so slow though, a downright tease of Danny’s insides that made him want to spread his legs wider and arch his back and plead for for more.

“Th-that’s it… c-c-control it, it’s p-part of you… D-don’t you want to c-c-claim me?  T-take me apart like y-you couldn’t b-b-before?”

Danny’s head fell back once more and his entire body trembled, practically vibrating in Vlad’s hands from the tips of his wings to his toes.  The muscles in his thighs twitched and for the first time he was thankful to the silk holding him still.  If he had had room to move, he might have struggled, tried to pull away on reflex, or simply squirmed on Vlad’s cock until the large fae just wouldn’t be able to do anything.

Danny swallowed, chest heaving as he tried to find his breath, his voice hushed and heavy with want and desire, desperate lust and need ruling his body like Vlad had never seen.

“D-don’t… you w-want to m-make me s-s-scream…?”  

A powerful ripple sent Danny’s spine curving back.  “AHHH!”

Vlad groaned, pressure building in his skull at the tsunami of strange sensations that shot through his body.  “Oh GODS, yes…” he gasped.  His muscular cock pulsed, the crimson head curling and twisting inside Danny’s chest; tags of nerves and soft, hot glands spasmed when he slid back on the warm, tingling slick.  “I want to make you mine…!  Mine alone, mine forever… because you WANT me…”

“O-OH!”  Danny cried, his entire body vibrating now as Vlad began to figure his body out.  “OH!  Oooooh V-V-Vlaaaad~!! AHNNnn~!!”

He wailed as his womb throbbed in reply, heat filling his chest and spreading through him.  The entrance of his womb pulsed and opened wider, welcoming more of Vlad’s sex inside as it released Danny’s fertile fluid.  It was hot and tingling, heightening Vlad’s own pleasure and sensitivity as it spilled around his cock.

Now the womb was empty.  But it wouldn’t be for long…

Vlad gasped, sealing his mouth over Danny’s to swallow his cries.  He turned his head, kissing him hard as his scrotum clenched; he wrapped his long arms around his slender waist, pulling him fast to his body–!

The head of his cock trembled, and suddenly, soft, flexible barbs latched into Danny’s velvet walls.

The young fae threw his head back, eyes sightless and wide, as Vlad let out a harsh, vibrating hiss, and came inside him.  There was nowhere for that thick, inky black seed to go but inside, filling him up.  

The large fae’s sex pulsed as it pumped, throbbing inside of Danny like a living thing, driving him nearly wild as his body suddenly moved on autopilot.  

Before Vlad could react, Danny’s insides tightened around him and spasmed, a rhythmic suckling motion that acted much like a throat swallowing him down might.  The sensation made Vlad cry out, trembling as he just kept cumming.  The teeth of Danny’s sex suddenly released during a strong pull, and before Vlad knew it his own scrotum was being sucked inside that wet heat, punching in and stretching the hen to the point of no return.  


Danny screamed, teeth snapping down at the very base of Vlad’s shaft and forcing the fae to plug him full and finally, reshaping Danny’s insides for his cock, and his cock alone.  The hen’s body shook and spasmed like it had been electrocuted, the poor thing’s orgasm almost violent as his womb began to stretch and grow, heavy with Vlad’s seed and still swelling.  Vlad pinned his mate down, trying to keep him from hurting himself, until they both rode out their final mating throes… and sunk down to the bottom of the nest.  The silks holding Danny aloft broke free easily, their hormonal release weakening it like damp tissue paper.

The peacock breathed heavily, collecting his limp little hen in his arms and nuzzling him.  He could still feel warm pulses of his come shooting into Danny.  “Are you alright…?” he whispered.

The little fae whimpered but nodded, burying his face in Vlad’s collarbone as his limp arms wrapped around him.  His whole body was weak and limp, even his wings which hung almost uselessly at his back.  But even so, he was shivering violently, like he couldn’t help it.  

After a moment, a single hand breaking away from the others to lay across his chest.  It was swollen just slightly, puffed up just at the top of his stomach region.

“My lovely…”  he whispered, voice thick with emotion.  “… I’m pregnant…”

Vlad chuckled softly, tiredly stroking Danny’s hair away from his face and kissing his forehead softly.  “Now, how could you know that…?”

“I just know…”  he whispered back tiredly, moaning softly as a faint aftershock sent pleasure through his swollen and stuffed sex.  He sighed, placing kisses over Vlad’s chest, wherever he could reach.  “Instinct… When you finally soften and are able to pull out of me, my womb will shift.  It will close up, keeping your seed safe and warm until the larvae form.  By tomorrow, our clutch will be released from the womb and shift into the larger birth chamber.  They will grow and grow, until they harden into chrysalis-like eggs…”

Blue eyes blinked up at Vlad, warm and so wide with excitement.  “In a few weeks, maybe a month, I will lay them in a new nest, wrap them up warm and safe in our silks… until finally they emerge… our little ones…”

He rubbed at his chest, smiling softly.  “A big family to finally call my own…”

Vlad raised his brows lightly down at Danny during his long explanation, then chuckled softly and gently ran his fingertips over his pearly pink wings.  “They must have incredible sex ed on the other side of the veil~” he joked softly.  When Danny slapped his chest lightly, Vlad laughed and squeezed him playfully.  “I’m just kidding… I’m happy.  I truly am…”

“Well, I should hope so!”  Danny chided playfully.  “You are going to be a powerful chief monarch soon.  With all the babies I’m sure we will be having over the many, many, many years of our life, we will build ourselves a very large clan~”

The hen gasped as he felt the peacock’s sex organ twitch, throbbing slightly inside him in almost a teasing manner.  “Ooohhh, you like that idea I see~”

He calmed back down and purred, nuzzling his new mate sleepily.  “As for the sex ed comment, no, there was no one to really explain this to me except for my family.”

“You mean Spectra?”

“Hmm?  Oh, yes, I suppose she told me the details, but no,”  Danny replied, yawning widely.  “I was taught about mating by my older brother.”

“Oh.  Right…”

Vlad sighed, resigned.  “Can’t wait to meet D’Anhnulla…” he muttered.

“Oh, I didn’t make him sound THAT bad, did I?”  Danny murmured, showering Vlad’s neck and chest with lazy kisses.  “He really isn’t that bad~  Sure, he’s going to be pretty pissed that I disappeared for over forty years, but I know he’ll like you~”

“Do you know how terrified I was of accidentally summoning him instead of Skulker?  Extremely…” the peacock pouted.

“Ooohhh, I would NEVER let him hurt my precious lovely~”  Danny cooed, kisses growing bolder as he undulated his body against Vlad’s.  “And now, you don’t even need to worry!  You are just as powerful as he is now, if not more so!  Besides…”

Sharp little fae teeth dug into Vlad’s white skin, nibbling at the collar bone.  “He would NEVER raise a hand to you while I’m full of your young~  You’re family now, and he will be happy that the clan is expanding.  Oh yes, expanding soooo much~”

Vlad nibbled at Danny’s shoulder.  “You quit that~” he teased.

Danny laughed breathlessly, squirming all the more as he bit Vlad playfully.  “Nyuuuuu, I don’t wanna~”

“I’m gonna have to make you, won’t I~?”

“Oh, yes~”  Danny purred, blue eyes alight with mischief.  “Absolutely~”

The two fae rolled over, giggles dissolving into moans as the peacock began to roll his hips again.  Outside their nest, the stars moved slowly over the ruins of Vladimir Master’s manor… the universe moving in respectful silence of the lives lost that night… but not in regret.  For the lives they had been traded for had far more weight to beings of the veil…

Little did they know, more were not far behind.


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