This fic is a little different from any au we have done before.  In other words, this story is creepy (very creepy), scary (pretty dang scary), gory (HELLA gory), a little disturbing (”little” is putting it a bit lightly), and character death (LOTS of character death).  This story is rated very very explicit, very much a rated R film category and above.  So, you have been warned, READ AT OWN RISK.

Until Dawn, part six, END~

Ectober Week, Day 31, BAD END

“The moment we drain you and your parents dry, and cement the veil open permanently.”

The girl cried out as a thick arm wrapped around her waist, lifting her into the air and carrying her towards the altar.  She screamed and thrashed, struggling against the hulking, putrid mass of flesh that was Skulker’s body.  He squeezed tighter, cutting off her airflow.  Black spots danced behind her eyes before she was dumped onto the stone altar.  She screamed as her wrist broke on impact, her weight landing on it wrong when she tried to catch herself – but before she could sit up and try to roll away, thick vines covered in thorns rose up over the altar and snagged her wrists and ankles.  Pain lanced through her as the long thorns pierced her skin, digging almost all the way to the bone.  The vines pulled tight and stretched her body over the altar, her screams of pain filling the room.

She cried out again as fire suddenly sparked near her side, sobbing as her clothes were slowly burned away from her body.  Above her head she noticed that the same was happening to her parents, her eyes flicking away from their suddenly nude and beaten forms.  

She was sobbing openly now, stretched naked and bleeding upon the altar like a lamb to slaughter.

Her breath caught as the knife flashed into view once more.

“You really should stop fighting,”  Danny commented, almost boredly as he cleaned the knife with an old, threadbare cloth.  “Your mother fought, and look how badly she ended up.”


Maddie buried her face in his neck and wrapped her legs around his waist, allowing him to carry her with one hand while he typed in the key code.  Vlad opened the door, brought them both inside, and closed it behind him.  The stench of blood and willows penetrated even the lustful haze over Maddie’s head.  The woman gasped, eyes wide, and pulled away to look for the source–!

Vlad growled, grabbed her hips, and shoved her off him.

Maddie hit the desk, crying out in pain.  “Ow!!  Vlad, what the hell–?!”

Her hand slipped in cold slime.  The woman paused, looked, and SCREAMED.  

The shredded remains of a human being – intestines and skin ripped apart like rice paper – lay on the desk; out of the corner of her eye, Maddie spotted amongst the mess a scrap of an apron, and a chunk of black hair.



“Oh DO be silent.”

Maddie’s screams were cut short as she choked on her tongue, eyes wide in fright.  That… had not been Vlad’s voice…

Slowly, she turned around to face the opposite side of Vlad’s large oak desk.  Lounging in the plush, black leather office chair, was Danny – the small creature with nearly translucent pale skin and large, insect like eyes that glowed like blue hell fire.  The being was practically nude save for the strange collection of multicolored vine-like appendages that covered its groin area, connected to the skin just under the belly button.  They almost looked like… jellyfish stingers.  But what had most of Maddie’s attention, were the three sets of enormous wings that fluttered lazily behind this creature, the inside blood red and almost fuzzy looking, like velvet.  Each wing had a large, glowing eye at their center, much like the ones on its face.  More of those stinger like vines spilled down its back, curling around not one, not two, but THREE sets of arms…

Danny met her gaze with a bone chilling smile.  “This room is soundproof, you know.  So really, any sound you make… is pointless…”

Maddie scrambled to her feet, fumbling for the shotgun she had dropped when Vlad had pushed her away.  Obviously he had dropped her when he had spotted this creature and the gruesome remains of his maid!  Maddie planted herself between the billionaire and this fairy from hell, aiming the shotgun at his smiling face.  “Vlad, stay behind me!”

The creature LAUGHED.  “Now, why would he need to do a silly thing like that~?”

Maddie blinked, sputtering at the ridiculous comment.  “Wh-what?”

Vlad rolled his eyes.

He grabbed the barrel of the shotgun, ripped it away from her, and delivered a crippling strike to her kidneys.  Maddie was suddenly sprawled on the floor, gasping for air.  “AH!”

The billionaire cranked the shotgun and placed her in the crosshairs.  “Your call, my love,” he muttered, eyes keen on the injured gasping woman.  “I know you’ve wanted this one…”

Maddie recoiled more from the words, then the gun aimed at her prone form.  “L-L-LOVE?!”

“Yessss…  LOVE~”

Danny floated up from the chair, moving to sit instead on the corner of the desk directly above her, long legs crossed in a prim fashion.  “You see, dear Madeline, Vladimir was NEVER available.  Not to you, not to all those trollops, no one.  He, belongs to ME.  He’s been mine for many, MANY years…”

Blue eyes narrowed and those large wings seemed to vibrate with contained fury.  An anger and hatred that had been held in and nurtured, for YEARS.  “And you, out of all those fools he charmed and tricked, stole from and killed, fed to ME… YOU were the one long-lasting THORN in my SIDE…”

“Considering you were the only one that I didn’t fully penetrate across the years, I think it’s cute~” Vlad cooed, glancing up at the fae.  “He’s always understood that I had to sleep with a few people to get them in the place I wanted.  But he hated you in particular, he did, my sweet Danny~”

Danny hissed between his sharp teeth in displeasure.  “We had a system, you see.  I let him date those women, so he not only could get what we needed, what we wanted, but also so he had multiple test subjects to train his more… intimate skills.  BUT!”

The fae rounded on Vlad then, almost seeming to snarl, before those full lips twisted into a pout.  “Everyone you ever slept with, was meant to die and be fed to me right after you got what you needed!  No one you ever touched, ever pleasured, was allowed to LIVE.  But this little home wrecker, just had to spread her legs for you on her own wedding day!”

“Now, Danny–”

“I know why she was left alive!”  Danny snapped, eyes snapping back to Maddie’s.  “Too dangerous, too public, could be useful in the future.  I understand all of it, but I don’t have to LIKE it.  You just couldn’t move on, could you?  Just couldn’t let go and live on with your boring little life and little family, had to go seeking greener pastures, right honey~?”

Those unearthly eyes narrowed.  “How are those pastures looking now, hmm~?”

Maddie opened her mouth – and closed it.  Her eyes flicked to the shotgun in Vlad’s hand and back.  “What ARE you…?!”

Full lips stretched into a deceptively pleasant smile.  “All you are worth telling is that I am a powerful fae, a monarch sidhe of the Unseelie Courts.  For decades I have planned and schemed and waited, for the day I can finally rip open the veil between our worlds and return us once more to the dark age of magic.  The veil, right beneath your feet…”

Danny’s smile widened to unnatural levels, almost splitting his face in two as he grinned down at her with sharp, sharp teeth.  “The veil that your blood will help open.  And your husband’s blood…”

He giggled, light and carefree.  The sound would have been beautiful, in any other situation…

“And your daughter’s body~”

“Don’t you DARE put a hand on my daughter, you brat!!” Maddie yelled.  

She tried to get up, but Vlad pointed the shotgun at her again.  “Ah ah ah.  Sit down,” the billionaire told her.  Tears of fury and betrayal slipped down her cheeks, but she obeyed.  “Danny is going to do with you what he pleases…”

“And really, Madeline, you should be PROUD~!”  Danny chortled, clearly taking pleasure in her pain.  “Your daughter is going to become the gateway between our worlds!  A pure sacrifice!  Why, our kind will be singing her name for years and years to come~!”

As light as a feather, the fae slid from the desk and landed on the ground beside her, wings spread wide as he approached.  “And I can guarantee, unlike yours…”

His mouth suddenly grew impossibly wide, jaw unhinging like a snake as spider-like pincers slid out from behind his sharp teeth, gleaming black and dripping with venom.  All four sets of eyes locked on her trembling form, wings spreading wide and arms raised high.

“Her death… will be quick…” Danny snarled.

And then he was upon her, so quick she never even had a chance to scream.  Those sharp pincers slid into the flesh of her neck, injecting the fae’s venom straight into her bloodstream.  All sound died in her throat as her body seized, going horribly and painfully still.  Every muscle locked up tight, her body seeming to burn from the inside out like her belly was filled with fire ants.  The pincers were removed, teeth tearing away a chunk of her skin…

But yet again, she couldn’t utter a sound.

Blood dripped from the fae’s mouth as he pulled back, pincers and teeth tucked away and plump lips stained red.  He sighed happily as he dropped her body into one set of arms, long tongue licking at his lips in contentment.  He cooed as he slowly reached behind himself, wings fluttering faster and faster as a strange substance began to unravel and appear in his hands.

Silk… spider’s silk…

All six arms were coated in the substance as Maddie was raised up in the air, and drawn closer and closer into the embrace of those large wings.  It was then, just as they began to envelop her, that she realized… the wings were not fuzzy with velvet…

They were not soft at all, not when they were hungry.

The woman screamed and screamed – silent, trapped in her own head – as the flesh of her arms and sides were ripped into and pulled away, some of it disappearing past Danny’s lips and the rest seeming to be absorbed directly into the wings themselves.  Blood dripped slowly from her body, hindered by the venom, and dripped onto Danny’s extra hands.  Not a single drop hit the carpet.  

Slowly, her body was spun in his arms, long fingered hands quickly and expertly spreading the extra blood, wrapping the silk around her form.  Faster and faster she was spun, like a fly caught in a web, her mind dizzy and slow.  She wanted to throw up but her body wouldn’t obey her.  She couldn’t fight, couldn’t scream, couldn’t move, couldn’t even cry.  But she felt everything that happened to her, every cut, every bite, every rip of flesh… she felt every agony…

Tighter and tighter he wrapped her up, cocooning her completely in the fine, silky, sticky strands, keeping the rest of the blood from leaving her wounds.  Keeping her from dying.

“You’ve gotten so good at that, my love…” Vlad murmured.

He brushed a finger against one of the silky buds between Danny’s wings.  It twitched slightly under his touch.  “It requires such a delicate… touch…”

A sound similar to a dove’s coo reverberated out of Danny’s throat as he finally set the now imprisoned woman down on the floor.  He would take her away later, prepare her for the ritual.  He moaned at the very idea, head tilting back and wings fluttering slowly, happily.

“Mmm… finally!  That felt so good~!”

“Have you killed anything tonight yet, sweetling?” Vlad asked softly.  He approached Danny, wrapping his arms around the small fae and placing his big hands on that soft white stomach.  “Were you hungry?  You should have told me, I would have hurried…”

The small fae sighed, leaning back into Vlad’s arms as he lowered his large wings, tucking them out of the way.  “We had a plan to follow, my love.  It has to be this way.  Besides…”

He glanced down at Maddie’s still body, no more than a corpse to him now.  He smiled, shuddering happily.  “Oooh… it was worth the wait~”

Vlad cradled Danny’s hips in his hands, gently swaying them back and forth.  “Am I forgiven, then~?” he purred, kissing the fae’s beautiful, pale cheek.

Danny giggled, cooing at him happily as he turned around in his human lover’s arms, pressing himself tight to that large, broad chest.  “Oh, of course–!”

His words cut off suddenly, bright eyes zeroing in on one of Vlad’s hands.  To anyone else, they wouldn’t have noticed anything wrong, but Danny could not only see Maddie’s sexual arousal on those thick digits, he could also SMELL it.

He hissed, wings snapping up angrily, but not threatening Vlad.  Even as displeased as he was, he would never hurt his human.  But he was still very, very unhappy.

“You touched her.”  

He hissed, grabbing at Vlad’s wrist.  “AGAIN!”

“I hoped it would distract her from the corpse in the room, Danny…” Vlad murmured, touching the fae’s face with his clean hand.  “I underestimated her eagerness to get in my pants.”

Danny grumbled, conceding to Vlad’s logic, but still upset.  He took a step back, pouting like a child as one set of arms crossed in front of him and another put a set of hands on his rounded hips.  “You SMELL like her now… It’s disgusting…”

“Then why don’t we remedy that, my love…?”

Danny raised a brow at Vlad’s tone of voice, bottom lip still jutted out in a pout even as his body language opened a bit towards the human, interested.  “What do you have in mind?”

The silver-haired man smiled wickedly… stepping into the fae’s space.  “Oh… I’ll show you, my bodacious butterfly~!”

“Ah… very confident, aren’t you~?”  Danny purred, arms coming up to embrace the larger man.  Vlad pressed a gentle, lingering hand at the fae’s belly, and slowly stroked downward.  “You think it will be so easy for me to forgive you, hmm?  You DID touch another, her scent is all over you, and you have yet to tell me how you intend to remedy tha–”

Thick fingers teased at the delicate, curly tendrils covering his privates, petting and stroking them till they parted for him.  Vlad had had many years to practice and perfect this trick…

Danny gasped, head falling back as he felt his lover’s warmth creep up his thigh.  “Oh… oh I see…”

Without any effort at all, Danny used his wings to pull himself slightly into the air, feet off the ground and body floating before Vlad.  He slowly spread his legs…

“See, look at that…” Vlad whispered.  He took hold of Danny’s small shaft, running his fingers over it a few times, then reached under it – towards those familiar fleshy petals that protected the fae’s womb.  If anyone unwanted came near that precious place, the petals could slice off any body part that tried to enter his body.  Many years ago, Vlad had been unnerved by this knowledge… but now, it gave him peace of mind, that no one but he would ever feel that sweet… hot…!

The petals parted for him.  Vlad sunk his soiled fingers into the fae – drenching them with new slick.

Danny purred in contentment and pleasure, eyes slipping shut as he smelled his own thick scent fill the room and mix with Vlad’s own.  His legs spread a little wider, wings rustling as he leaned back in the air to present even more of himself to Vlad.  Thick, honey sweet slick ran down his thighs and plopped onto the carpet, spreading his scent even more.

Two fingers, three… four…  

“Ohhhhh… Anhn~!”

“I won’t be able to satisfy you all the way right now, we don’t have the time…” Vlad whispered apologetically, unzipping his pants.  He pulled out his own cock, stroking it up and placing it at the mouth of that warm, dripping flower.  “But I can do this…”

With a quiet, wet sound, Vlad slid in to the hilt with one fluid motion.

Danny sighed with the impact, legs curling around Vlad’s waist as the man began to thrust into his open, dripping body, grinding upwards to slip his balls into him too.  Vlad was right to say that this wouldn’t be enough to get Danny off, but the fae did find it to be excellent foreplay, and he loved how much he smelled of Vlad after the fact.  

Unfortunately for the human, while Danny’s sexual organs did closely resemble that of a female’s, his was a much wider set, far slicker, and far deeper.  A male penis just wasn’t cut out to give Danny all the pleasure he needed to reach completion.  Typically Vlad would take his own pleasure like this before, or after, fisting the fae till he screamed.

But like he said, he did not have the time, but that was all right with Danny.  Now, he would smell of Vlad and his sex, drip with his semen, just as Vlad would be coated in his own scent and slick, and no one would ever be aware.

Besides, this would just make later tonight that much sweeter.

Vlad sighed, eyes closed as his thrusts sped.  “You’re quiet, my beautiful monarch…” he whispered.  His voice broke into a groan as he reached his throes.  “Something on your mind…?”

Danny hummed, squeezing happily around his human’s cock – and accepting the seed that he squirted into him.  

“Mmmm… nothing special~”


“If she had just given in, her pain wouldn’t be as terrible, I’m sure.”

Vlad laughed outright, stepping up behind the small fae.  “Oh, I doubt that~  You really did hate that woman.”

Danny paused in his cleaning, blinked, then giggled as he nodded his head in agreement.  “Oh, I suppose you got me there, my lovely~!”

The silver-haired man kissed the tip of Danny’s nose and looked over at Jazz, who hiccuped and twisted her face away from him in shame.  “Your father was easy to trick.  Despite everything she did against him, he was always in love with her,” Vlad said.  “THAT I could manipulate.  One nice little lie and he was handing me his only means of protection.”



Jack whirled to look.  

The shotgun went off.  KAPOW!

The fat man screamed as a hole opened up in his side; he fell to the floor, twitched once, and fell unconscious, blood pooling under him.  Vlad stood over him with a sneer.  “You’re even more of an idiot than I thought, and THAT is almost an IMPRESSIVE achievement!” he hissed, the shotgun’s barrel smoking in his grip.  “No wonder Maddie never loved you.”

“Mmm, but it does make things SO much easier~”

Vlad glanced up as Danny came crawling out of the deep part of the web, the fay affectionately patting the cocoon with one hand before making his way over to the humans.  Large wings fluttered once as Danny pulled himself up and floated closer.  “He went down like a sack of potatoes… You did well~”

He pressed himself to Vlad’s chest with a pleased smile, running his hands over his body and face and through his hair.  “You were always such a good actor~”

Vlad hummed with contentment, wrapping an arm around Danny’s waist.  “Thank you~” he purred.  “Didn’t you need him alive, though?  He seems to be bleeding a good bit.”

The fae huffed.  “Yes yes, I suppose I do…”

Danny pulled away from Vlad and made quick work of weaving up new silk, wrapping up Jack’s body tight and stopping the blood flow.  Before he covered the head, he leaned down and slid his pincers into the meat of the shoulder, tearing out a chuck to nibble on while injecting the venom that would slow down the man’s heart.  The process took a little longer then Maddie’s had, but Jack WAS a large human.

Finally, the cocoon was placed safely with the other, waiting to be moved to their final resting place.  Danny sighed in contentment, licking Jack’s blood off his lips.  “Mmm… so close now, my love… I can feel it…”

He giggled, stretching his limbs while he glanced coyly back at Vlad.  “Almost as keenly as I can feel your seed sliding down my thighs~”

“You little tease…”

Vlad kissed Danny’s forehead and patted the fae’s hip.  “Go.  We’ll have our fun later.  When we no longer have to worry about your connection to this world.”

“Yes~”  Danny crooned, floating up to place a lingering kiss on his humans lip before floating back towards the cocooned sacrifices.  “Then, we will have all the time we want…”


The silver-haired man sighed, stroking his fae lover’s cheek.  “This night has taken years of preparation… Hundreds and HUNDREDS of human lives.  However, we couldn’t be expected to do it all on our own.  So…”

Vlad smirked and patted Skulker on one rotting shoulder, uncaring of the rancid smell that would come off on his palm.  “We got a little help~” he told her.  “My love wasn’t lying to you about the issue with his summoning, though.  I practiced while he brought us our prey, summoning dark fae and… interviewing them, in a way.  Fascinating creatures, they are.  I studied them.  What is it you kids call it, ‘vlogging?’”


Valerie’s face was deadly pale as she watched none other than their host excitedly rant into the camera, on the vlog dated just yesterday.

“It’s time!  Everything’s ready~!” Vlad panted on the screen, a wild, crazed look in his eyes.  “Skulker brought us the last few souls a week ago, as the permanent foundation for the rift!  Danny says we shall have to end thirteen lives before midnight this time, to seal it all in place, but he has an idea on how to solidify the connection even further!

“According to him, if a virgin maiden collects all of the summoned fae’s elements of birth willingly, arranges them before the veil, and pledges herself to it, the ritual will be strengthened tenfold!  Ohhhh, we’ll just have to see whether chance gives us Samantha, Valerie, or Jasmine as our little heroine for the night–”

The girl quickly pressed the arrow keys, trying to get away from the horrible truth, but it only skipped to the beginning!

A much younger Vlad snapped on a pair of operating gloves.  “It is… January 2nd, 1990, and I am about to conduct my first examination of our…”

He turned to the side.  

On the grainy screen, Spectra sat on the operating table, with no restraints, twitching and screeching quietly; she was pure black and grotesquely gnarled, a startling contrast with the pure white of the lab as Vlad walked cautiously over to her.  “Our, um… friend here.  Now, could you please, ah… open that scar?”

The tree monster acquiesced.  Her writhing, hooked vine of a tongue flopped out onto the floor.  The young Vlad jumped like he had been electrocuted.  “OH SH–!  OKAY, it’s a mouth!  IT’S a mouth!  Th-This has been the first examination!”


The silver-haired Vlad chuckled to himself, shaking his head.  “I admit, it was a bit jarring at first.  But I got used to the oddness.”


Valerie watched – transfixed, like watching a car crash in slow motion – as each “vlog” passed by.  Vlad aged as she watched, his dark silver hair leeched slowly of more color, what little innocence in his eyes fading a little bit more each time his face popped up.  

Two years after the first entry, the man was elbow deep in Spectra’s horrible mouth.  

“It seems human blood has restorative properties for this lovely lady,” the on screen Vlad snorted, pulling out his gloved hands.  The dark fae flapped her claws at him, like a woman dismissing a compliment.  “Hopefully she’ll get enough one day so we can see that beauty she’s always bragging about.”

“Vlad, don’t you start flirting now~!” a bright, lilting voice cooed offscreen.

The man grinned, leaned down, and shut off the camera.

Valerie felt like she was going to be sick.  “I gotta get out of here…!” she rasped.  She didn’t even bother to stop the videos from playing as she struggled to stand, limping along the side of the desk.


Vlad stepped away from the altar and moved to one of the walls.  Protruding from the stone was a crudely constructed lever.  Wrapped both hands around it, he turned back to Danny, beaming.  “Ready, sweetling~?”


The man threw the lever, a loud rattling echoing through the room as oiled chains pulled back the metal ceiling above them.  A bit of gravel and dirt rained down on them from above, causing Jazz to blink and sputter past her tears.  She looked up blearily as red light filtered into the room.  The greenhouse… they were below the greenhouse!

She had not noticed before, but the glass ceiling was cut and shaped in an odd, triangular fashion, much like a pentagram, but with far too many sides.  The red light of the blood moon spilled in through the glass and onto her skin, filling her with the icy sensation of pins and needles.

Danny’s face filled her vision from above.  “Now my dear, thanks to your efforts, your family is going to be the final sacrifice needed to keep me here, whole, safe, and alive~  I wish I could say I’m sorry your life needs to end for this… but I’m not.”

He straightened, floated up above her head towards her father’s still form.  Though his body didn’t move – couldn’t move – she could still see Jack’s wide eyes flicking around frantically.  

Danny cupped his large chin, raising his knife.  “Oh, I am death, and none can tell,” he sang softly, grinning at the man.  “If I open the door to heaven or hell~”

“NO, DON’T-!”

“The blood of the father.”


The knife cut through the air in a clean, quick arc, cutting into the man’s throat and severing his windpipe.  His eyes rolled back as blood poured out of him, hot, heavy drops splatting over the altar and his screaming daughter.  


“No wealth, no land, no silver, nor gold~!”  Danny sang on, voice harsh.  “Nothing satisfies me but your SOUL~!”

The fae paid the screaming girl no mind, and all eyes were trained on him as he floated over to Maddie.  He sneered at her and her nude, ripped-up form, gripping her chin less gently than he did Jack’s.  Her eyes stared back at him defiantly, screaming in pain and rage.  

“The blood of the mother,” Danny hissed.


The knife tore into her neck from the side, the cut less clean and far more painful.  Her eyes flickered and grew dull, before rolling up in her death throes.  Her blood joined her husband’s.  

Danny floated back down to Jazz’s side, humming in tune with her harsh sobbing as he brushed a hand almost lovingly through her dirty hair.  Her sobs grew louder.

“I am Death, I come to take the soul.  Leave the body and leave it cold…”

He raised the knife high above his head.  “The blood of the virtuous maiden…”

The veil above them all was churning faster and faster, leaking into the air and tainting the very world around them.  Vlad left his place at the wall and came to stand behind Danny, body shaking in excitement as he wrapped his arms around his waist.  The other fae clasped hands around them, the circle complete.

“Oooh death…”  Vlad crooned, voice deep and husky.  “Oh death~”

Danny’s voice echoed all around them, full of energy and power and malice.  “Won’t you spare me over ‘til another year?!”

And he plunged the knife deep into Jazz’s chest, right into her heart.


The world shook around Valerie.  She gasped and moaned in agony, quickly hobbling along the crumbling wall.  Finally, she burst into the foyer.

The mansion burned with blue fire, crackling across the ceiling as she collapsed to the floor.  Valerie screamed.  The chandelier fell and smashed across the floor; she screamed louder and ducked her head against the glass flying in every direction.  Behind her, the hall collapsed inward with roiling blue flames.  The girl dragged herself forward… broken glass and crystal slicing into her hands… towards the door.  She was SO CLOSE–!


Blood welled up around Jazz’s breast…

Her screams and sobs grew louder, eyes rolling back in her skull.  Danny suddenly gasped, throwing his head back; the young maiden’s blood seeped in with the others, blooming white wherever it struck, filling him with the power of existence.  He could feel those eternal strings – always pulling at him to return to the veil – shudder, weakening.  

The altar bled radiant alabaster.  Jazz tried to make one final noise… and failed.

Her body went limp.

Power crashed into Danny like a wrecking ball, breaking his puppet strings and freeing him from the grip of the veil.  Vlad and the other fae shielded their eyes from the blinding display.  The monarch shrieked, but not in pain… his wings fluttering and growing bright, BRIGHT…!

All at once, there was a gristling snap in reality.

And slowly… like the afterglow of an orgasm… the glow softly faded…

Danny actually stumbled and fell back from the altar, the knife falling from his loose fingers and skittering across the floor.  He swayed, head tilted back and mouth open as he shuddered… shook…

“So…”  the fae breathed, voice barely above a whisper.  “This… is what freedom tastes like…”

He gasped and closed his eyes, reveling in the feeling of all his power returning to him at once, the power he had had to leave behind when he left the Underground.  Above their heads, the veil buckled and twisted, rippling almost grotesquely before holding still…

The veil had been fed.  It would hold.  And Danny was free.


The hulking creature startled, looking down from the veil and back towards the small fae.  

Danny raised a hand towards Jack’s dangling body.  “His face is yours.”

Skulker eagerly moved forward, a fine scalpel appearing in his hand.  “Desiree!”  Danny called, smiling fondly at the waterlogged fae as he stepped towards Maddie’s body.  “I promised you new legs, did I not~?”

A smile broke out on the creature’s lips, her arms dragging her forward so she could catch the body as he released it from its cocoon.  She wasted no time in snapping Maddie’s spine, carefully ripping the top half of the body from the legs she coveted so much.  

Ember floated over then, looking down at Danny almost pleadingly.  He laughed, moving back towards Jazz’s body.  “Don’t worry, Ember, I remembered!”  

He grasped the dead girl’s hair and forced her head back, stretching out the neck. “ I found her voice quite pleasing when she wasn’t whining.  Her voice is yours.”

A silent squeal left the fire fae, before she dived down and buried her teeth into the unmarked throat, working to tear out the entire voice box and swallow it as Danny patted one of her wings fondly.

Finally, Danny turned to Spectra.  “The rest of their bodies are yours,” he said kindly, smiling.  “By consuming their magically charged bodies, you will regain your full beauty and youth once more.”

The old fae smiled and nodded in thanks, moving towards Jack’s now abandoned body, the head gone.  

Danny sighed in contentment, head rolling back in pleasure.

“It’s over… it’s finally over…”

Vlad stepped over the fresh, scintillating blood, and took the young fae’s hands, kissing his fingertips.  “How do you feel?” he murmured.

“Whole,” Danny replied, leaning into Vlad’s embrace.  

He turned in Vlad’s arms, floating up so he could place a kiss on the man’s lips.  “I had not realized how much I was stretching myself thin all these years.  But now… I finally have the power I need to complete the most important ritual of all…”

The man frowned, confused.  “Wait… what ritual?” he asked.  “I thought this was all of it?”

Danny giggled and took Vlad’s hand, leading him away from the altar.  The other fae watched knowingly, traded amused looks, and returned to their tasks. 

The young monarch fae stopped before the tower of bodies on the other side of the room.  Unknowingly to Vlad, this pile was held together not only by its own decomposing juices, but also by Danny’s own magic and strings of silk.  He had been building this for years, and now… it was time.

“Vladimir,” the young fae said, turning to the man.  “Humans do not live very long.  Already, half of your life is gone, and I still have a very long one ahead of me.  I do not wish to watch you grow old, become fragile, and die.  I refuse.”

He looked back at the construct of bodies.  “It took me years to perfect this ritual, but with Spectra and Desiree’s help, I know for sure it will work.  It’s old, black magic, and was impossible without my full power, but now…”

Danny’s eyes met Vlad’s, glowing with love.  “Now… I can make you one of my kind…”

Vlad’s breath caught in his throat.  

“…Show me…” he whispered softly.


Valerie pulled herself free of the burning wreckage, crying as she crawled down the bloodstained front steps, and out into the yard.


The silver-haired billionaire stripped naked.  Ember, Skulker, Desiree, and Spectra all kept their distance, admiring themselves and complementing one another in their subsonic voices, as Vlad stepped forward – into a soggy, cold nook in the mountain of corpses, that Danny had opened for him.

Vlad took a deep breath… almost relishing the last ripe, stink of death, of success…

He folded his arms, and allowed himself to be buried under the slimy decay.   Danny moved quickly, using all six of his hands to bury Vlad beneath a thick layer of blood and flesh and bone.  

He stopped just when he reached Vlad’s head, diving forward for a deep, heart wrenching kiss… and finally drew back, blue eyes lidded.  “See you on the other side, my lovely…”

And then he pulled back, and finished burying Vlad alive.  The moment his task was done, Danny quickly began to spin his thread, flying up to blanket it over the pile.  He whispered to himself as he did this, words in an old, dark language that would make no sense to human ears.  The other fae grew quiet, turning to watch in respectable silence as Danny weaved his magic.

Before long, the pile was hidden beneath his threads and he squeezed, tightening the mound of flesh around his cocooned lover.  It squished and oozed, bones popping and snapping with the pressure.  He whispered a few more words, then released the towering construct.

He took a step back, drawing in a deep breath…

“Athraithe…” Danny spoke, the words echoing all around them and even penetrating to Vlad’s mind, deep with his tight confines.  Inside the cocoon, Vlad twisted in pain, gritting his teeth.

“Athrú, agus a dhéanamh nua, a rugadh arís.  Ardú, agus sracadh amach do chraiceann mortal.  Ardú, agus a bheith mianach!” *

A muffled scream sounded from the constructed pile.  “DANNY–?!”

Gristling snapping, the popping of bones, met the young fae’s ears.  “AHH!!”

For the first time in Danny’s existence, he felt fear.  “Vlad…?”

He reached forward, half a mind to rip Vlad free of whatever was causing him such pain.  But a hand stopped him, supple and soft and pink.  He turned, looking up into Spectra’s green eyes.  He whimpered fearfully, allowing the older fae to wrap her arms around him.

“Shh shh shh…”  she breathed, voice deep and quaking like an old oak tree, the scent of flora and fauna seeping into his nose and calming him.  “You knew this would happen.  Remain calm, all is well.”

Danny nodded, not even noticing as the other fae came to join them, too focused on the cocoon.

The scream built up, louder and louder–!


Valerie dragged herself down the long, long driveway, and finally, at long last, she reached the road.  With a gasp of agony, she collapsed against the wall of the Masters property, sobbing…


Inside his cocoon, Vlad screamed in agony.  

He trusted Danny.  He thought he’d known what he was stepping into…

But it felt like he was suffering every fate he had helped to inflict.  His skin crawled, bubbles of fire roiling under his skin and setting his body ablaze, purging every bit of filth from his body and into the mountain of dead, bleaching his flesh the color of new snow.  He screamed for help.  Skin shredded.  His sides split open, nubs of new bone branching out from his spine.  The very mortality was wrenched from every pore, every hair, every fiber of his being… the corpses absorbing it up, like a sponge, and keeping it captive.  Silver hair went pure white.  Red and blue veins went black under his new flesh, back to red, and then disappeared altogether.

As the fae watched, the pile of corpses began to shake apart.  Rot fell from the top, splattering to the floor – newly red and pulsing, like it was just wrenched from the body.

The jaws of skeletons opened, unleashing an unearthly howl towards the skies and blending with Vlad’s own cries…!

All at once, they all fell silent.

And Danny heard it, when Vlad’s heart stopped.

All four fae had to quickly move to hold Danny back from tearing the cocoon apart.  Danny had known what to expect, what would happen, what Vlad would have to go through and endure to become one of them.

But that heartbeat… he had been hearing it for nearly over forty years, and suddenly hearing it stop…

A silent wail left his lips, fearing the ultimate worst.  His wings fluttered wildly, batting at the air with all his might in an attempt to break free.  But the older fae held him close, wincing as his power tried to fight back, their powerful little monarch screeching at them to be set free.  

But then, they all froze as the cocoon shuddered…

Skulker stepped in front of them all, just as it burst.


Danny and the females cringed… then blinked and looked up.  The big monster shook red slime off of Jack’s face, spitting.  He looked rather upset until Ember cooed and flew up to his level, burning the muck and brushing off the ashes.  “Oh, you…” she hummed, smiling down at him.  Skulker perked up.

Meanwhile, behind them… Danny heard the slow flutter of soft, massive wings. 

He slowly peeked out around the new pair, frowning as he couldn’t see anything past Skulkers form.  He pulled out of Spectra’s arms and stepped forward, his own wings fluttering restlessly.  Finally, Skulker stepped aside, and Danny was presented with a view of what was once Vladimir Masters’s cocoon.

He froze, large eyes growing even larger.

Huge, royal blue wings moved through the air, veined in shadow and reversed by the shining, iridescent rainbows of a glowing beetle’s shell.  Three pairs of scarlet eyes slowly opened – two of them on his wings, blinking wetly, looking around the sacrificial room independently from one another – their pupils rounded, and sideways like a devil’s.  He did not have six arms like Danny, but four powerful limbs that could easily hurl even Skulker across the grounds.  Four, long-fingered, taloned hands.  His skin and long, floating hair were completely bleached of color… leaving him just as pale, if not paler, than his mate, glowing in the moonlight…

Vlad opened his softly glowing blood red eyes.

He blinked, almost as if he was confused, and lowered his head.  After a second, he placed one of his four new hands on the gore that still clung to his lower half; his wings fluttered and shivered, shaking off the slime and pulsing with new life as he pulled himself free.

It had been a long time since Danny had been around a fellow monarch fae, they were so rare nowadays.  It had been even longer since he had been around a peacock.  He himself was a small, slender hen monarch, with many arms and wings for child care and protection.  A peacock had equally large wings, but they seemed so much bigger due to how big their entire BODIES were.  With less arms, but more muscle, made for protecting and providing, a peacock tended to be twice, if not three times as big as an average hen.

And Vladimir definitely lived up to that statistic.

Danny’s cheeks flushed pearly pink, hands clasped to his chest and wings fluttering softly, almost shyly.  The other fae could sense that his natural scent was beginning to get stronger now that he was in a peacock monarch’s presence.  They slowly backed away, not wanting to be in Vlad’s way.

Vlad raised his head again, sniffing the air… then, all six scarlet eyes zeroed in on Danny.

The fae’s plump lips fell open in a tiny, silent gasp, wings absolutely trembling.

Blue wings snapped wide.  The black silk pods at the base of Vlad’s radiant wings opened wide, shooting ropes of sparkling, dark web out at the walls.  Danny sucked in another small breath – assaulted by the pheromones that rolled off of the black silk.  Vlad opened his wings as he walked forward, fluttering them to show off their radiant colors to the hen monarch; the smaller fae could barely move, unable to do anything but gaze up in wonder at his glory.  The peacock moved in… wrapping all four arms around Danny…

“For you are death…” Vlad sung, in a low, husky voice.

He stroked his lover’s cheek, smiling.  “And none can tell…?”

Danny swallowed, panting softly, the soft song pulled out of him.  “If I open the door…”

“To Heaven or Hell…”

Vlad’s deep voice finished it, as black web spun around them in a rough sphere, the foundations of their first nest.  The other fae silently left their new nesting grounds.  Outside, the manor had finished burning, and lay in silent, blackened ruins.

The moon reached its peak, at the stroke of midnight.


Valerie paused for breath, the same way she had ten seconds before.

Her body was shutting down, she knew it now.  Her vision had been growing dimmer, and dimmer, the pain fading from her limbs until it was a barely noticeable throb, even in her leg.  Her fingers tingled faintly with pins and needles.  Blood dripped from her lips.  Her brain was bleeding, she could tell… and all her energy to go on had left her.

With the last of her strength, the girl looked up at the sky.

Wind whispered secrets through the cattails and the fluttering ribbons of willow branches, carrying the black smell of the nearby marsh.  Willow trees, small and young, bowed over the road, branches trailing like the faint memory of her mother’s fingers…  

Soft and lingering, but smelling like death…

Valerie let go, fell to her knees, and willingly took her last breath.

The wind flowed over the motionless corpse on the side of the road.  An hour passed before she would have heard the sound of fluttering wings, coming ever closer.  Hands – pale as death – pulled Valerie from the dust.

But at least the stars were beautiful, on the night it all came to an end.


*Translations: “Change.”  “Change, and be made new, born again.  Rise, and rip off your mortal flesh.  Rise, and be mine!”


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