Until Dawn AU:  Masterpost of all chapter illustrations!

Vlad and I had a lot of fun re-imagining these ghosts into our own monster faes, and I gotta say, they turned out better then we hoped!  We wanted to make a little collection post with also a little info (if anyone cared about it, lol)~

Skulker, the Human Hunter.  Vlad created this beast of a monster, designing him with the idea that he needed the living skin of humans to make himself a sort of meat suit, capable of containing his miasma like form.  Technically he could pilot a living human body in itself, without having to stitch part together; however, his mist has volume and density, so even if he forced out all the bones and organs in a body, he still wouldn’t have enough room to fit all of him inside.  

Desiree, the Woman with No Legs.  I created Desiree with a bit of a mermaid/woman in white feel.  I mainly wanted her form to be both eerie and tragic, with an added bonus of freaking creepy.  Imagine HER crawling after you in the dead of night, huh~?  I’m pretty happy with the results~

Spectra, the Flesh Eater.  Another of Vlad’s amazing creations – inspired by the tree from Evil Dead – he designed Spectra as a constantly hungry, killer dryad that feeds on humans and uses their flesh and blood to retain beauty and youth.  She is the oldest fae in this group.  She has also killed the most people out of any of them.

Ember, the Siren with No Voice.  I LOVED the idea of making Ember this like, flying, flaming creature of hell.  She is beautiful but young, vicious, protective over her kills, and spiteful of most unknown fae, with the ability to convince anything – whether it be man, animal, or fae – to come into her arms.  With her voice returned, she will cause quite a bit of chaos~

D’Any’Domhnulla (aka Danny), the Hen Monarch.  Danny is the youngest, but most powerful fae in the group. He is the submissive of his kind, an egg laying “hen”, who holds multiple powers of illusion, manipulation, and more that didn’t really get explored in the au yet.  He treats the group of fae like family, Spectra and Desiree acting much like mother and aunt figures while Skulker acts like a protective uncle.  Ember, the second youngest, tends to fall under a big sister role.  They view him as their little leader, a powerful fae that has chosen to keep them close and bring them into the new world with him.  He is my favorite little murderous baby~

Vladimir Masters, the Newborn Peacock Monarch.   Since he is a monarch fae born out of unnatural means, in order to take on this new body he had to have the mortality and essentially his humanity ripped out of him within the cocoon of human corpses; the corpses served as a buffer to absorb the castoff while Danny’s spell gave him the abilities and lifespan of a fae of his own kind.  Vlad was still originally a human though, therefore he has a keener awareness of human customs and in the future, will be able to establish their foothold in the mortal world.  He will also be the first to learn how to shapeshift, and to teach fae how to pass as human.  Peacocks of the monarch species are rarer, but they’re literally 2x the size of hens and for that reason often practice polygamy beyond the veil.  Danny would only come up to Vlad’s belly-button in fae form~

“Until Dawn au” (WARNING: gore, death, violence and more. Rated R and nsfw) Comic Opener, Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, and Part Six

#this is what you REALLY meant when you said size kink huh @hundredsofsmallbirds

if we talkin spiders IT COULD BE A LOT WORSE BELIEVE ME

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