Something within him snapped.

His core pulsed and thrummed with a power foreign to him, one of the many slots within its integral scaffolding accepting it like a puzzle piece he hadn’t known was missing. Fingers curled into fists, oblivious to the long serrated black claws slicing into his palm.

“How…..DARE you…!”

Heat blossomed all over his body. It forced him to bend, took a hold of every nerve in his limbs. Shoulders hunched, muscles tight under taunt skin and fabric. His chest expanded, burning air filling his growing lungs. Organs shifted and slid over each other. Muscles rewove themselves, thick and bulging as bones grew and rearranged. Large jagged scales erupted, falling over one another like ripples from a cascade, glassy smooth surface eerily ethereal and blindingly white. Tatters of black fabric feel to the floor around his taloned feet, several extra joints in his legs slotting into place. His spine cracked and popped, blood red spines bursting from thick skin between scales and curving upwards like the damned reaching for salvation. A long tail twisted and writhed like an angry snake, the bladed ax on the tip slicing through the air. Leathery sacs bubbled and grew into grotesque tumors on his back before bursting open in a spray of neon pink and limb. The long fingers stretched and flexed, the taunt flesh between them stretching to display thick veins. From the base of his long twisted neck, long wickedly curved fins fanned out, twitching, sharp points gleaming. His head swung around, pure red eye glowing with ghostly light. Unbelievably shiny black horns crowned his skull like a crest, large and crooked. Horns peaked from his nostrils. Thick armored plates as red as red could be ran from under his chin to the tip of his tail, protecting the core now residing just under his gullet.

Danny found his throat very dry as he stared up at the very large beast glaring at them. Fear stiffened his limbs and he stumbled as he tried to take a step backwards. His parents has yet to snap out of their horrified stupor.

“V-vlad…?” Against his wishes, his voice shook.

The dragon snarled, lips pulling up to reveal rows of large razor teeth embedded in black gums.

“Easy, Vlad…..You don’t want to do this, do you? Just, uh, take a deep breath?”

Red eyes flashed, and he roared. Superheated, foul breath buffeted into them,nearly knocking them off balance as the sound threatened to deafen them. Strong wings flared, pushing through cement and metal and brick like it was nothing. Huge claws dug into the carpet as a tail took out the entire front of the building. With a mighty downbeat, he launched into the air, screeching. Billows of ectoplasmic flame seared into the sky. Danny could only stare in horror, and at the gold plated amulet around Vlad’s armored neck, innocently vibrating as it channeled his pure unrestrained fury.


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