Ooohhhh, okay, lets see here… OKAY, GOT IT!

Vlad left and joined the ghost zone pretty much right after he left the hospital.  He’s unhappy as a human and is so thrilled with this new life option he takes with both hands and rolls with it.  Many MANY years later, and Vlad has become KING of the ghost zone.  

but now the humans have opened another portal (he destroyed the one he used) and the ghosts are restless.  They don’t like it but at the same time want to see the human world and cause havoc and Vlad is having a hard time controlling them.

Clockwork steps in, and offers an idea. “reconnect with humanity and combine the two.”


“Take a human queen of sorts.”

Vlad scoffs.  “Humans wont survive here.”  Clocky smirks.  “YOU did~”

Vlad is thrown by this but he knows better then to question the man/adviser, so he tells clockwork do what he must to make this mess stop.  ANd he does, by LEAVING.  Clockwork goes to MENTOR the bride, and a few years later, comes back with DANNY.  This whole time, 4 or so years, Danny has known about Vlad but not the other way around.  Clockwork showed him the ghost zone and timelines and trained him and prepared Danny for becoming the queen/king of the ghost zone and the kid is READY.  Vlad is presented with a confident, powerful halfa, just like him and the boy is BEAUTIFUL…

He is so screwed…

(all of that just came out of my butt and I’m oddly proud of it, HOPE YOU LIKE IT!!)


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