au where a while after the fentons are gone (minus danny ofc) clockwork offers to make dan his apprentice so that he has another option that isnt just ghost fighting like danny and danielle 

(this is branching off the au where dan gets his redemption arc and was living w/ the fentons btw)

and i dont mean an apprenticeship as in hes going to take over cw’s duties like cw is just gonna retire or smth, i dont rly..see…how or why cw would do that tbh but anyway like ??? its more just to make cw’s job less lonely and take a load off his shoulders.  give him a second hand, if you will (haha get it)

i just. love clockwork and dan as a father/son dynamic

also his watches are digital lmao. i guess theyre kind of like apple watches, might as well be

uh ?? i figure dan’s core would adapt to the job of time master’s apprentice, i still think he’d have the electricity factor but itd evolve to a time core the more he works with clockwork (and probably with clockwork’s help actually) so i guess itd be a dual core ??? is that possible ??? i say its possible who cares anything goes in this universe im having fun

you could say dan is clockwork’s



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