Merry Christmas to my truce partner, @tinylittlebadger

So, I heard that you like Dragon!Vlad and Danny!Clockwork, as well as pompous pep, yes? Hopefully you’ll like the little story I’ve written up for you! Enjoy – and Merry Christmas, again!


Time Mage Daniel has been tasked by his King and Kingdom to rid the land of a dangerous, blood-thirsty beast that lives in old, forgotten ruins. He’s curious at the request, since it is not the typical work he does, but he finds himself rather interested when he sees the ‘beast’ he’s supposed to be destroying. Surely it wouldn’t hurt to get to know this ‘Vladimir’ a little better. After all, how often did one meet a dragon?


Once Upon A Time…


Deep in the middle of an aged, old forest a young man walked steadily through, near ignoring the gentle rain that fell down around him. A purple cloak was pulled tight around his body, hood hiding his face as an intricate staff helped keep his balance on the more rocky terrain. The deeper he went into the forest, the larger the trees seemed to become. Aged pieces of stone and rock littered the way, mossed covered paths showing that he tread where civilization had once been. Now, however, there was nothing but the quiet of the trees whispering to one another.

“So this is where you’ve been hiding…” Standing on top of a large hill – a former building covered by the forest, perhaps – the young mage looked out to the ruined castle in the distance. What once stood tall and foreboding was now worn and covered in soot and ash, a sure sign of what creature now lived inside. The rocks crumbled and looked ready to fall and bring the whole structure with it, the mage tsking to himself. “You’ve certainly done a number on the place…”

Standing tall, with his staff held in practiced hands that knew it well, the illusion of grandeur and power he gave off was almost overwhelming.

It was then shattered when he slipped all the way down the hill.

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*takes in a deep breath*


ohmygod I got @ibelieveinahappilyeverafter as my Christmas Truce santa and OMG I CAN’T EVEN!!!

You don’t understand, I ADORE their stories and this one IS AMAZING AND–GAAAHHHH~!!!





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