Mermaid: best Halloween memory?

I’d have to say that my best memory was the fact that Tucker and I met Sam on Halloween.  I know,t hat seems pretty cliche, but Sam was like, this new girl in town and Halloween was the next big holiday, so her parents hosted this huge party for their new coworkers and their kids, along with Sam’s new class mates.  Sam apparently was suppose to be a princess for Halloween.  And she was.  A zombie princess.  She was so kick ass and we just HAD to be her friend.  The rest is sorta history after she dumped the punch bowl on Dash’s head~

(the mun’s fondest memory is fooling everyone into thinking I was the mafia in a card game, when I wasn’t, and aiding the real one into killing everyone helpful~ heheh~)

Ghoul:  ever done any Halloween pranks?

Yes.  Me and Tuck teepee’d Dash’s house one Halloween and another time, the three of us convinced our homeroom teacher that the room was haunted~  Although technically, that’s a lot easier to do now that I have ghost powers… huh..

(as the mun, I never really played a prank during Halloween besides the usual simple scares and stuff, nothing actually prank worthy~)




I… suppose my most pleasant Halloween memory is tied between two.  The first is my first time trick-or-treating, when I was small and living in a foster home.  Most of my foster brothers and sisters were bullies the rest of the year, and sure they pulled pranks on me that October, but on Halloween when I was five years old, we went on a “scary hay ride.”  Most of them were scared sugarless, but I had a ball, and we got free candy afterwards!  It was nice to have bragging rights over those punks~

The second contender is my first Halloween with Daniel.  To be honest, we really didn’t do much together at first, and we weren’t a couple at the time.  He went trick-or-treating and playing pranks around Amity Park with his friends, and I stayed at home, drank sparkling grape juice, and ate pumpkin cheesecake until I dozed off.  But when I woke up… it was four in the morning, Daniel’s head was in my lap, and he was dead asleep.  It just warmed my heart to see him that way, trusting me so fully.  I kissed his head, carried him to the guest room, then went to sleep, myself.  It was another happy, prideful moment for me.

(As for the mun, I guess I don’t really have a favorite Halloween memory. Like, it all kinda blends together – except for the official Halloween bash my college hosted, where I just danced around dressed as a zombie, and there were lots of anime and cartoon cosplayers there.  So yeah, that was fun!)


…When I had just gotten out of the hospital and was discovering my powers for myself I admit I may have indulged in some… shenanigans…  *looks guiltily around*

(Nope, the mun never had the nerve, the peer group, or anybody I disliked enough.)



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