Well, honestly?  The good end is when the humans win, and the fae die.  So, really…

Which is the “bad end”, and which is the “good end”?


(oh, Vlad typed something awesome for this, take a look~!)

Interesting that you say that, anon!  I actually was debated whether there would be an “every human lives” ending, and I would say that if our Until Dawn AU was a game, it would be possible!  But it’d be the kind of ending that you could only do with a walkthrough open on the other screen if you know what I mean.  Also, as Jazz, you would have to act extremely weird and rude in order to do it.

In order to save Hopson, you would have to not go with Tucker and the others to explore the house.  This would actually be a strange thing to do because you’d still go into play mode, except the rest of the kids leave without you and you’re just left sitting there at the table.  After about five minutes of that, the meal comes.  When Hopson comes in, Vlad will tell him to go get the others, but Jazz will get a quicktime event to volunteer instead.  If you don’t, there’s a cutscene of a timeskip and Hopson dies like he did in the fic, but if you do, he goes back into the kitchen and you get the job to find the kids.  Since Jazz is a crucial part of the plan, you might get a glimpse of Skulker in the shadows if you have a gamer’s eye and you REALLY LOOK, but he won’t attack you.  

However, if you save Hopson, Emma will be hanging from the chandelier when you come back, except you’ll discover this when you’re taking a tour of the lobby and she starts dripping on somebody.

In order to save Emma and Lancer, you have to purposefully divert your course from finding the kids when you’re excused from the table.  An easter egg in the game would be “why was she in the lobby – finding Hopson hanging from the ceiling – when she should have been in the kitchen?”  The reason why is because Lancer got mad at her and sent her out.  You can save them both by leaving the dining room, finding the hidden servant’s door to the kitchen, and resolving the argument between the two; it’s super invasive of their personal business, and it would be super uncomfortable for any player that would usually just leave this kind of argument between two coworkers alone.  If you do resolve it, Lancer will be pissy towards you, but Emma will be grateful, and stay in the kitchen.  At this point, Jazz can go find the kids and come back.

When you come back, you’ll eat for a few minutes.  You’ll notice Vlad getting a little nervous, and you’ll have an option to ask if he’s okay.  Don’t.  Like in the actual Until Dawn, there’s a relationship meter, and if Jazz invades HIS privacy too (everybody heard you butt in on Emma and Lancer’s argument already) your relationship with everyone will go down, and they’ll think you’re a know-it-all, eighteen-year-old smartass.  If enough people think that, nobody will listen to you when they discuss crucial life-or-death choices during cutscenes; you wouldn’t even get to press a button to contribute to the vote.

As you eat, Emma will scream again, alerting the party to the moment whenever Skulker came in to attack Lancer.  The adults will rush the kitchen; Skulker will retreat, however, you will see his profile as he flees, and everyone freaks out.  The front doors are locked, so Vlad says they should go out through the greenhouse.

When you get a chance to talk with someone on the way, talk with Maddie, not Valerie.  Agree with everything she says and when they get to the greenhouse, separate from the group and make a beeline for the garden shed – even though they WILL call after you and their relationship status with you will plummet.  This is a very chance-sensitive event, especially since after 60 seconds have passed since entering the greenhouse, Skulker can charge at any randomized moment.  In order to save Mrs. Manson, you have to complete a series of quicktime events to open the garden shed door, overcome your disgust at sight of the body, get the shotgun, and get it to Maddie, all before Skulker charges.  (P.S. There’s no way to save Mr. Sanchez.  He was dead and rotting before the game started.)  If you manage to do all that, Maddie will be on hyper-alert.  When the Skulker event is triggered, she’ll see him coming and shoot him before he even gets to the group.  The damage done to your relationship with the adults is repaired and then some.  You have a strong sway with the choice made then; whether to go outside or stay in the greenhouse for a while.  

It might seem stupid, but stay in the greenhouse.  If you choose that, nothing happens for half an hour.  You get to walk around and talk to people; if you walk around and observe various unusualities – like the pentagram windows, Skulker’s footprints, and Mr. Sanchez’s body – Jazz will start to piece together that this attack had been planned for a while.  Deduce correctly, and she’ll decide it was Vlad.  Don’t accuse him, though.  Your relationship with the group will plummet.  However, you get an option to show someone (or everyone) the same clues.  Show your discoveries to Damon, and only Damon.  He’ll piece it together, too, but if you tell the wrong people your credibility will drop because they either won’t believe you or they won’t appreciate your “encouragement of paranoia.”

At the end of the half hour, a cutscene will be triggered where another decision has to be made.  At this point Vlad is actually looking a little nervous; again, don’t point it out.  Damon will point it out.  Vlad’s relationship with whoever points out his nerves will trigger him to attack them during a later cutscene, which only Damon has the potential to survive.

Choose to go back to the house through the door you came in from.  You could only know it if you looked out the window during the last two minutes of free greenhouse play, but Spectra is staggering around out there now, looking for a meal.  Be extremely persistent against the idea of splitting up, even though it comes at the cost of lowering your relationship with Vlad, Maddie, and Jack.  Go back to the kitchen and arm everyone.  

There are a couple containers of flambe fluid and box of matches in one drawer; take those, instead of a knife.  If you go talk to Hopson, he’ll ask you if he should carry a butcher knife or an electric knife.  Choose the electric knife.  Since Lancer is still alive, he will show you a rifle he keeps hidden under his counter; he’ll be very enthusiastic about how good a shot he is, but insist that he give it to Damon.  He’ll sulk, but he’ll give it to him.

Once you’re ready, choose to leave.

Immediately, Skulker, Ember, Desiree, and Spectra will all smash into the kitchen.  You’ll have to succeed at a fast-paced quick time event to toss flambe fluid on Spectra, light a match, and burn her; you cannot miss a single button or someone will die, starting with Hopson.  Since Hopson’s electric knife plays a crucial part in defeating Skulker, if he dies (or if you chose the butcher knife) both Manson parents, Lancer, Emma, and Tucker’s mom will be slaughtered.  However, if you successfully burn Spectra, Hopson and Maddie will use their weapons to saw and blast so many holes in Skulker that he cannot flee; Skulker’s skin will collapse, his mist dissipating beyond reassembly.  If Skulker is defeated, he can’t rescue Ember when Mr. Foley barrages her with a fire extinguisher; her flames weaken to the point where Jack can grab her, even though it hurts him.  Jack hurls the weakened Ember into Desiree (who is mindless with hunger), and their contrasting elements will shrivel them both like slugs.

At this point, Vlad will be so shaken that everyone’s still alive that even Jack will start to notice.  The other adults will start to question him.  Backed into a corner, Vlad will panic, grab Sam, and hold her hostage.  Another quick time event can have Damon shoot him with the rifle; severely injured, Vlad will drop Sam and flee.

At that point, Danny will smell Vlad’s blood and be VERY UPSET.  You’ll hear a screech, and you’ll have the option to go after Vlad or leave him be.  Leave him be.  If you go after him, Danny will meet you halfway there and kill you all.  As it is, even if you choose to get out of there, you’ll have less than a minute before Danny catches up with you; sprint at full speed, and you’ll get to the driveway before you have to perform a quick time event for every member of your party that you saved.  If you miss one, Danny kills that member.  It will buy you a few seconds until the next person is attacked, and keep in mind it’s not a cutscene.  You actually have to sprint the whole time and keep an eye out for the quick time prompts.

If you succeed and reach the gate in time, suddenly, Danny will stop, a panicked look on his face.  Keep sprinting, and a cutscene will trigger.

The game cuts to police interviews, where every member of your party says a few sentences as the credits roll.  

Congrats, everybody lives!

Then, you’ll get an epilogue scene where Danny is staggering through the pools of blood in the sacrificial room, over to Vlad’s dead body; there’s a knife in Vlad’s hand, and it’s apparent that he sacrificed his own soul to the veil to keep Danny in the real world, taking his place for another year; the little fae collapses onto his chest, curling up and sobbing for a long, long time… until dawn…

Then, the camera zooms in as Danny looks up… eyes streaming and filled with RAGE…

He screams with fury and vengeance, and the screen goes black.  

Potential for sequel of a mad, young, heartbroken fae seeking vengeance for his family and his lover, and maybe even trying to find a way to bring them back~


P.S. I hate this ending, its so sad, this is the bad ending in my mind, but that’s just cause I love my murder fae baby Danny, WHY WOULD YOU MAKE HIM CRY, THAT’S SO MEAN!!



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