In this au, the Seeli are actually all dead.  The Unseeli had killed them all hundreds of years ago, and now the Underground, the world of the veil, is torn by territory disputes and violence.  There is no ruling court, because no one in the Unseeli wants to admit to needing one and are forgetting the old ways.  Hundreds of years ago, it was the Monarch fae that ruled the Unseeli, but there are so few left and Danny was very young, no one wanted to accept him as a ruling body.  

It was Spectra and Desiree that filled his head with leaving the Underground, because THEY remembered what the Monarch fae WERE like, and they wanted to nurture Danny into the future power he could become.  Now THEY are the new fae court of the Aboveground, and the veil is ripped open.  None can leave the Underground through the ripped veil however, not without Danny’s permission…

… did we mention that Danny has an older brother~?



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