Hmmmm… I have not so I’m just gonna wing it.  Sorry if I butcher the actual story.

Like you said, Vlad and Danny (maybe 18-20 years old in this au) head over to an old Russian orphanage to help fix it up, maybe into a research building or a little pub.  It’s snowy and cold outside so there’s a heater, lots of blankets and body-heat sharing – also backstory-sharing, and Danny getting lost in Vlad’s firelit gaze as he tells the younger man about his spooky memories in this old place.  Memories of hearing soft voices… telling him to stay out of the basement…

Although, from the blueprints of this place there IS no basement.

Then – as you said – spookiness ensues.  A flaming haired ghost comes shrieking from the blackness, trying to drive the two men out of the orphanage, only to be fought by two old ghosts in jumpsuits and one younger girl ghost with long red hair~

Apparently a long time ago, the flaming-haired poltergeist was an orphan in this place, and was the only person to find the basement, but he was trapped there and starved to death because no one could hear him screaming, and he died furious that no one rescued him.  She tells them they have to destroy the building or the specter’s grudge will linger forever!  Danny bonds with this girl ghost and she protects him from harm, but eventually they have to take the shaped charges and find the hidden basement.  They encounter the vengeful spirit once more – over his skeletal, childlike remains, not much bigger than Danny – but Vlad empathizes with him.  He understands the feeling of loneliness, of feeling like no one is ever coming for you.  The ghost is uncertain at first… but then, it is appeased, fading away into the light.  The friendly specters, too, reappear to give one last thank you and goodbye… and then, they too fade.

A few hours later, Vlad and Danny are thawing out in a warm pub back in town.  They decide to abandon construction on the orphanage and simply turn it into a memorial for those who died there.  Meanwhile, Danny asks “Is that true?  That you feel like no one will ever be there for you?”

Vlad sighs, nods, and admits that’s the reason why Danny coming with him – being with him through all this – meant so much to him…

Danny brings back two beers, and says he’ll never have to feel that way again.

They don’t kiss, but they don’t have to.  Their eyes say everything as they toast and drink to a better future, laughing as the howling snowstorm rages outside…



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