alright the top of the storyline is maddie is obsessed with the book/play thing that sarah has in the original labyrinth? and danny’s been putting up with that obsession for his whole life

but the summer after his freshman year in college his mom’s weird love for all this stuff about goblins and the fae and this weird play drives off ANOTHER one of danny’s friends and he’s finally totally sick of it so he and his mom get into a HUGE argument about it

and it all tops off with danny screaming, “you wanna talk about goblins so bad all the time, i wish the goblin king WOULD come and take you away!” and he slams the door to his bedroom

after a couple hours danny feels pretty damn guilty about the whole thing so he goes downstairs to apologize to maddie and someone sure is downstairs waiting for danny three guesses who it is (hint: its not maddie) (hint 2: its vlad)

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Gah I love this au, I CAN’T WAIT FOR MORE, WAA~!!


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