Part two of our Hocus Pocus au! As some of you may have guess from Vlad’s sneaky peaky art pic, our little twist to this au is that… well, the virgin won’t be no virgin any longer.  SO WARNING WARNING, THIS PART BE RATED HIGHLY MATURE, NSFW!! READ AT OWN RISK!!

Hocus Pocus AU, part two (end)

Ectober Week, day 28th: Urban Legends

Vlad snarled and sat down heavily on the bed, yanking off his beanie and throwing it against the wall.  He huffed and ran his hands through his hair… knee bobbing nervously.

Danny watched Vlad for a while, nerves and guilt and emotional pain twisting in his gut.  It wasn’t fair to Vlad to ask this of him… they weren’t in a relationship of any kind and Danny still wasn’t sure if what Vlad may feel for him was just more or less attraction.  The boy looked away, scooting back further on the bed and drawing his knees up to his chest, unsure of what to do…

He really liked Vlad… He wanted to date him and get to know him more, be able to sit next to him while he read and eat dinner with him, and kiss him good morning…  He wanted Vlad to hold him and stroke his hair and tell him he cared for him…

He wanted Vlad to kiss him and tell him was wanted, desired…

But this situation was so effed up!  How could Danny ask any of that of Vlad now?!  

His eyes glanced towards his phone.  It was almost one am…

“I… like you.”

Danny startled, looking up towards where Vlad sat at the end of the bed, eyes wide as he stared at his broad back.  “H-huh?”

“Part of the reason I’m so mad is that I’ve liked you for a while…” the older man muttered.  Even the back of his neck and the tips of his ears were pink.  “I just… I didn’t know how to approach you, because you just seemed like you were already someone else’s boyfriend even though I KNEW you weren’t and I guess I was just waiting for something, I don’t even know WHAT I was waiting for now, I–”

His shoulders slumped even more.  “I just told myself I had to focus on my thesis, you know…?  And look where that ended up.  Haha…”

“Do you… really like me?”

Vlad glanced up at the shy, tiny voice, looking back to see Danny staring at him with wide blue eyes, cheeks a rosy pink.  The younger boy looked so shocked, like he almost couldn’t believe it.  

“I… I’ve had a crush on you since my f-first art history class… and then I was j-just so happy you TA’d in drama too b-because it was a part of my major and I th-thought we had so much in common and I… I…”

He flushed to his ears, looking back down at the comforter.  His sock covered toes curled against the bed as he stuttered along.  “I thought that… m-maybe you liked me… But I c-couldn’t ever be sure and I didn’t want to risk anything or… I just…”

He swallowed, finally looking back up at Vlad.  “I really like you too…”

“Yeah…” Vlad whispered, his throat suddenly gone dry.  “Same… I mean–!  Uh… yeah…”

Danny giggled, shaking his head.  “Wow… Jazz was right… we kinda ARE dense…”

He huffed then, looking away a little.  “We um… I don’t want to pressure you into anything, Vlad…”

His eyes suddenly widened as he glanced at Vlad, backtracking.  “I mean, I want you!  Don’t get me wrong, I really really want you, I just…”

Danny flushed.  “Uh… I mean… oh boy…”

Vlad coughed.  “Yeah…”

There was a long moment of silence.

Then, all at once, the older man stood up, glancing sheepishly at Danny.  “How about… I go to the bathroom for a few minutes?” he said, almost like he was asking permission.  “When I come out, we can… figure something out.”

“O-okay…”  Danny agreed, nodding.  “I’ll um… take off some of this get up, huh?”

He gestured to his coat and earrings, blushing a little over the fact that he was still all dressed up in his pirate garb.  “I’ll um… get a little more comfortable and we can talk when you… when you get back…”

The younger boy seemed nervous, but smiled brightly at Vlad, eager.

Vlad turned a little pinker, nodded, and ducked into the bathroom.  Danny waited a few seconds, then stood up from the bed, quickly shucking off his coat and laying it over Vlad’s desk chair.  He took off his jewels and earrings and untied his hair, letting it lay loose over his shoulders.  

He hesitated a moment, then unwrapped the sashes from his waist and took off his socks, leaving him in nothing but that nearly open linen shirt and his tight yoga pants.  He bit his lip, looking around for a place to put away his sashes.  He finally opted for the chair.

The door to the bedroom opened once again, while Danny was bent over putting down his sashes.  His linen shirt drawn up a little revealing a plump, round butt through those soft black pants before he straightened back up.

Vlad swallowed at the sight.  “Ah…?”

Danny blushed at the way Vlad’s eyes trailed south, his own eyes averting as he quickly busied himself with combing his hair with his fingers.  “S-sorry, it was getting kinda hot under… under all of that…”

The older man nodded, eyes wandering down Danny’s body.  “Yeah…”

He offered him a playful smile.  “You are pretty hot~” he offered, trying to break the tension.

That startled a giggle out of the boy.  He looked back up at Vlad, smiling shyly.  “Really?”

“Yeah… you have an amazing face, and like, gorgeous eyes…” Vlad murmured, stepping closer.  His inhibitions slowly dropped, his dark eyes growing hazy and lidded as he moved into Danny’s space, gently taking hold of his jaw.  “You’ve got legs for days… Also, seriously don’t get me started on your back end.  It’s really… REALLY nice…”

Danny was blushing a pretty bright red by that point, but he was also smiling a little dopely, like everything Vlad said just made him happier and happier.

“Hmm… you’re not the first one to say I have a nice ass~”

He pressed his burning cheek into Vlad’s hand.  “You are really handsome, you know?  Girls in class would constantly moan about the fact you were gay, because you’re perfect.  Tall, good looking, smart, kind…”

He bit his bottom lip.  “Your voice…”

Vlad cocked his head slightly, smiling softly.  “My voice?”

Danny fidgeted, voice dropping a little.  “Yeah, it…”

He finally glanced up at Vlad under his lashes, shy and flustered.  “It’s like… so deep and smooth and just… when you talk, I…  I can’t help but…”

He fidgeted some more, biting his lip.  “Your voice… t-turns me on…”

Vlad’s voice dropped to a low growl.  “Oh…” he purred, his hands sliding down to Danny’s hips.  “That’s something to know~”

The younger boy’s breath caught as the shy, awkward Vlad of a moment ago was replaced with this deep-voiced, sultry-eyed being, whose fingers were now slipping past the hem of his yoga pants and slowly pulling them down.  The fabric was so tight it was taking his briefs with it…

Then, Danny sucked in a breath as his half-masted erection nudged lightly against Vlad’s jeans.

“V-Vlad…”  he gasped as his hands came up to the older boy’s broad shoulders, clinging to his soft sweater as his pants were slowly slid further down his body.  His butt met the cool air next, followed by his thighs…

Vlad suddenly dropped to one knee as he continued to pull the pants down.  Danny cried out his name before whimpering as those big, warm hands gently helped one foot out of the pants, then another.

Soon, all Danny was left in was that big linen shirt which seemed to strive to be a tease as it barely covered the top of his ass and his growing hard on.

Dark cobalt eyes glanced up at Danny.  “Hey.”

Danny swallowed, bright red under those hypnotic eyes.  “Y-Yeah…?”

Vlad’s gaze wandered slowly down the younger boy’s shirt, down his taut stomach, to the tip of his perfect pink head.  Gently, he reached up and took hold of it, stroking Danny smoothly.  The blue-eyed boy groaned softly, his slender fingers tangling in Vlad’s hair.  “I’m going to forget why we’re doing this and just focus on that fact that we are doing it…” Vlad murmured.

He placed a gentle kiss on his tip.  “So you can trust me… You know that, right?”  

Danny nodded, swallowing.  “I’ve always trusted you…”

He suddenly giggled, hiccuping on a moan.  “And I h-honestly already forgot why w-we are doing this other than… than…”

His blue eyes met Vlad’s, darkening with lust as his face flushed with arousal.  “Than that I r-really want to… AH~!”

Danny gasped as the older boy swallowed him whole in one go.  His fingers clenched and twisted in Vlad’s hair as he held on tight, head tilted back as he moaned and whined.  Pleasure corsed through him, causing his hips to shake and his legs to tremble.  

A particularly rough swipe of Vlad’s tongue to the tip of his cock had him wailing, knees shaking dangerously.  “I-I’m gonna– V-Vlad, I’ll f-fall, I c-can’t–!  AHH~!”


The floor creaked above Jazz’s head, accompanied by a squeak of bedsprings.

She glanced up, blinked, and fetched her phone, putting in some earbuds. She didn’t know how long they were going to be, but it might be a while…



Vlad swallowed neatly, licking his lips and wiping his mouth – Danny’s seed warm in his belly as he feasted himself on the image the boy made, panting and pink, pinned between him and the mattress.  “You’re so sensitive~” he purred, crawling up towards his face.  “Although I suppose it’s to be expected…”

Danny simply whined pitifully in response, reaching up for the older boy and pulling him close.  He squirmed against him and the bed, moaning as his oversensitive cock brushed against the rough fabric of Vlad’s jeans.  His fingers once more tangled in that long silver hair while Vlad’s big hands wormed their way into his big linen shirt.

“K-kiss me…”  he begged, panting into Vlad’s mouth as he drew near.  “P-please…”

Vlad eagerly obeyed, sealing his mouth over Danny’s.  The younger boy sighed softly, moaning as their tongues mingled…

He reached down, running a finger up Danny’s shaft again.  The boy moaned into his mouth, lips dislodging from his as Danny arched his back and writhed against him.  Already he was beginning to harden once more, young and eager.

“V-Vlad!”  he cried, shirt hiking up to reveal pink, pebbled nipples.  “Oh… oh!”

“I’ll be right back, hold on a second…” Vlad panted.  As quickly as he could, the older boy bolted back to the bathroom, snatched a bottle of lube, and came back to Danny, reassuring the blue-eyed beauty with kisses down his cheeks, lips, and throat.  “I’m back…”

Danny whined and fussed below him, struggling to get his shirt off finally and toss it to the floor where his boots were.  He flopped back on the bed and reached up for Vlad, needily trying to bring him closer to his flushed body.

“You’re still dressed…”  he panted, arching up for another kiss.

“Then undress me~” Vlad whispered.

The boy’s flush deepened as he attempted to obey, reaching down first to pull up the sweater.  It fought back a little, clinging to the button up shirt underneath, but finally Danny was able to pull it free.  It messed up Vlad’s hair a tad, causing Danny to giggle as he reached up for more kisses.  He pulled the button up free from the jeans, slowly unbuttoning it with shaking fingers.

He couldn’t stop the small gasp that left him as Vlad’s chest and broad shoulders were finally revealed, his small hands skating over those large muscles in wonder.  He licked his lips, eyes roving over the older boy’s body before he seemed to catch himself, flushing further.

His fingers hesitated a moment on the zipper of Vlad’s pants, swallowing thickly.

A large, warm hand placed itself gently over Danny’s, and Vlad helped guide his fingers down…

Spell broken, Danny panted and fumbled at the slit in Vlad’s underwear, hurriedly finding the thick, hot shaft beneath and – making sure to be careful – drew it out.  

The thick, impressive cock that met his eyes had him fumbling once more, eyes wide.  “Oh…”

“Oh~?”  Vlad teased, leaning back to ease his pants and boxers down his hips.  Danny’s eyes snapped up to his, still wide and very dark with lust.

“Y-you’re… really b-big…”  he stuttered out, licking his kiss swollen lips as his eyes jumped back to the older man’s girth.  The cock before him was indeed long and thick, curled just so towards the dark treasure trail on Vlad’s belly.  It was flushed with arousal, red at the blunt, shiny tip.  

Danny’s own cock twitched at the sight.

“Thank you…” Vlad murmured, the purr in his voice evident that he was aware of his endowment.  His dark eyes cast down towards the fork of Danny’s legs… and he slowly slipped his hand between them.  “I’m glad you like it…”

Danny sucked in a breath as a thick, lube-slick finger nudged at his entrance.

“Vlad…”  he gasped, looking nervous but eager.  “I’ve… never d-done this…”

“Well I would assume so, being a virgin and all–”

“N-no, I mean…”  Danny ran a hand over his red hot face.  “I haven’t r-really… I only…”

Vlad stilled.  “Have you not played with yourself here?”

If the boy could blush further without fainting, he would.  “A finger… I n-never tried to handle more, it w-was too much…”

“Too much how?”

Danny squirmed.  “Well I… I liked it… you know?  B-but I always… hit s-something that just… o-overwhelmed me.  I thought about getting something or… b-but I was always too impatient a-after the first finger… I just…  ah…”

“Makes you wonder what virginity is to a guy, doesn’t it?” Vlad smiled.  He gently lowered himself down, flush onto Danny’s body as he gently worked him open.  “Don’t worry… You’re doing fine…”

Danny moaned in reply as Vlad worked his finger in deeper, willing his body to relax and open up for him.  It was slow at first, and Vlad pulled back a moment to add some more lube to his hand, easing the way.  The reaction he got when he finally slid his finger in all the way to the knuckle, was a lively one.

“AH-HHNNnn~!”  Danny cried, back arching as Vlad’s finger brushed over a slightly raised area deep inside the boy.  Massaging it again with his finger got him a similar response, along with Danny moving his hips in an almost wanton and desperate manner.

“V-Vlad!  Ah, Vlad!!”

Vlad blinked, almost in surprise as he gently stroked the raised area.  That couldn’t be his prostate… it was so low!  So… easy to… hit…

He rubbed the rough pad of his finger over the gland and stroked it gently, eyes dark with lust.  Oh, he could make Danny SCREAM…

Chest heaving, Danny reached up to grab at Vlad’s shoulders, nails digging into his back as he wailed and whined.  His legs kicked out against the mattress as he both tried to close his legs and spread them wider.  He fussed when Vlad pulled back a moment, panting for breath even as he tried to beg for more.

“W-wait, no please, m-mo–OOH!”

A second finger slid in along with the first, causing Danny’s head to tilt back and his mouth to fall open with an obscene moan.

Vlad slid his fingers in deeper, the agitated red skin of his soft ass clinging to each knuckle until he had reached the third.  He scissored them open – inhaling the smell of Danny’s sex – and stretched him wide.

Minutes passed this way, Danny’s cries of warring discomfort and pleasure growing louder and louder… then softer… until Vlad pushed in another finger and the shouts and pleading began anew.  Danny’s sweet voice had gone slightly hoarse by the time the older boy twisted four fingers inside him – those squeezing walls smooth and tight with lubricant – and he drew them out.

Danny twitched in reaction as those fingers drew away, his body lying limp and sweaty on the bed.  His eyes were glazed as he stared up at the ceiling, moaning as he felt his stretched and messy hole spasm on air.  His head shook from side to side as he felt Vlad shift, large hands on his thighs urging him to roll over onto his belly.  He went willingly, if sluggishly, whimpering as he pressed his cheek into Vlad’s pillow, inhaling his scent.

He started to come back to awareness as he felt his hips raised slightly, a pillow gently stuffed under them.  He moaned as his heavy, aching cock pressed into the cool cotton, turning his head slightly to glance back at Vlad with big, baby blue eyes.

“Vlad…”  he moaned, voice husky with want.

Vlad pressed a soft kiss to Danny’s lower back, tongue flicking over his lips to chase the salty flavor.  “No one’s going to take you from me…” he panted, meeting the younger’s eyes.  “Ready…?”

Danny shivered at the near possessive tone of voice, finding it arousing to hear how protective Vlad was of him already.  He nodded, fingers clutching the pillow his face was pressed in.


There was a slow, loud squish… and Danny’s jaw dropped.  “AaaahhhhHHHHH…!  AHH!  AHH!!”

His entire body clenched as Vlad pressed inside him, that hot, thick girth stretching him out around it and rendering Danny unable to speak.  A blood red, burning flush started in his lower belly, traveling up his chest and arms… all the way to his soft, gaping lips, a small string of saliva connecting his mouth with the pillow.  Danny’s tongue twitched, desperate to have something, anything in his mouth – as he trembled, velvet innards clenching Vlad like a vise – neither of them able to move.

Then, Vlad jerked – face just as scarlet as Danny’s – and managed to get some friction against his prostate.  

The reaction was immediate.

“A-AH-AHHHHHH!!”  Danny screamed, eyes rolling back in his head as his body thrashed and shook underneath Vlad’s.  He choked on his own spit as he spasmed, hands clawing at the sheets in a vain attempt to find something to hold onto, to stabilize him.

Long legs twitched and spread wide, plump ass pressing back snug to Vlad’s pelvis as his insides clenched and mouthed around the other’s thick girth.

“V-V-Vlaaaaad!!”  Danny wailed, his own cock spitting up precum into the pillow under him.

Vlad could barely respond with how quickly his libido rose.  He thrust slowly at first – trying to keep his head – but with Danny’s clinging, willing body, the eager slap of flesh on flesh grew faster and faster.

The cheap dorm bed moved with each thrust, headboard knocking rhythmically into the wall as Vlad’s thrust grew faster and faster.  Danny’s screams turned to wails as his prostate was constantly assaulted, hit and rubbed and nearly tortured with pleasure.  

“AHHH!!”  His wails turned into a screech when Vlad struck home hard, grinding into him roughly before resuming his thrusts.  Drool and tears soaked the pillow through and Danny could feel the wet spot growing under his hips with how much he was leaking.  Vlad was practicly milking the precum out of him now with how deeply he was massaging his prostate.

“V-Vlad!”  he gasped, trembling.  “V-V-VlaaAAD!”


With all the thumping, wailing, and rocking above her head, Jazz had resorted to a pillow around her head along with her earbuds turned up full blast.  The clock on her phone read three o’ clock.  According to Google, the sun rose at five…

“C’mon, just finish up…!” she muttered.



Danny’s cries reached a pitch that pierced the walls like they were made of paper, and with a final clench and shudder, he spurted into the pillow.  Vlad moaned and continued for a few minutes, keeping the pace with Danny’s limp, moaning form… and then with a sharp grunt, he came deep inside him.

Danny whimpered as warmth filled him, his insides coated with Vlad’s seed.  The younger couldn’t move at that point, just lay there and moan as Vlad draped himself over his back as Danny’s insides continued to spasm and clench through his aftershocks.

“Mnn…”  he moaned, eyes dazed as he smiled dopily into the pillow, pleasure singing through his veins like a drug.  “Mmmnnn~”

“Let’s see those witches use you for some spell now…” Vlad panted into his ear, rubbing the boy’s back.  “You’re mine now…”

Danny shivered, smiling a little wider as he turned to look at Vlad from under his wet lashes in a shy, almost coy fashion.  “Yours, huh?”

He giggled, stretching with a soft, satisfied sound as he tried to press back against Vlad’s larger body.  “I like the sound of that~”

The older boy leaned down to kiss Danny’s neck, then gently pulled out and rolled him over, so he could look at him.  “Thanks~” he murmured.

“For… what?”

“The best gift you could give me~” Vlad purred, and claimed his lips.

Danny moaned into the kiss, wrapping his arms around Vlad’s neck as he drew him tight to his front, almost wrapping his legs around his waist in an attempt to keep him close.  He finally pulled back from the kiss with a wet, smacking sound, smiling widely up at him.

“Well, if I had known all it would take was giving you myself, I would have been throwing myself at you months ago~”

His giggles tapered off as a more serious, somber expression came across his face.  “Vlad?  I need to ask you something…”


“Will you go out to dinner with me?”  he asked, blushing in an almost shy manner, even after Vlad had effed him silly.  “As a date?”

“Tomorrow~” Vlad murmured, kissing Danny softly.  “It’s a date~”

Danny smiled, mouth opening to reply, only to be cut off by a loud scream from downstairs.  He and Vlad sat up quickly, Danny whimpering as he did due to his sore bottom.  Vlad leapt up and quickly put on his jeans, throwing Danny his yoga pants as he threw on his sweater.

“Wait here!”

Danny blinked as Vlad vanished downstairs, before frowning stubbornly.  “I’m not some damsel…”

He slid on his pants, wincing as he felt the back begin to dampen with Vlad’s semen as it started to drip out of him.  He had just put on his shirt when he heard a crash and another scream from downstairs.  He froze.  


He stood up, slowly approaching the stairs…

Only to have a pair of hands reach up through the floor and grab his ankles, turning him intangible as they pulled him down.  He screamed, but it was cut off by his back hitting the floor; he rolled over, moaning in pain.

A pair of glowing red eyes filled his vision.  “Ember, I found him!  I found him!”

Danny’s eyes widened as he was yanked to his feet, and then OFF his feet as he was pulled into the air.  His looked around frantically for his sister and new boyfriend, only for his eyes to widen at the sight of the two of them bound and gagged on the floor.

“Vlad!  Jazz!”

“Come on pretty boy, time’s a wastin.”

Kitty sniffed, frowning.  “Does his aura smell off to you?”

“Don’t care, just get him to Desiree.”  Ember snapped.  “We’re running out of time.”

Before Danny could say a word, a gag was stuffed into his mouth and a hand tangled in his hair, before he was whisked away from the dorm completely.  “MMM!! MMMMMM!!”

As soon as the ghosts had vanished from the room, the gags and ropes dissolved like silver smoke.  Vlad blinked, then quickly stood up and pulled Jazz to her feet.  “C’mon!  We have to follow them!!” he barked, pulling her out the door.

“I bet you’re glad I convinced ya to spoil him, huh?!” Jazz yelped, equal parts smug and panicked.

“Yes, yes, you can gloat later!  Hurry!  Where’s that cat, Spot?”

“My name is DAN!”

The angry looking kitten was waiting for them on the stoop.  “And thankfully we can feel assured that they won’t succeed with the spell,” he said.  “But angry ghosts with less than an hour to live aren’t fun either.”

The kitten trotted out into the night, Vlad and Jazz running after him.  “Quickly, they will take him to the cemetery!”




The journey was a whirlwind for poor Danny, before the ghosts dropped him unceremoniously onto the cold, dirt ground.  He yelped as the gag was released, scrambling to his feet as the black haired ghost floated towards him.  Her red eyes glowed down at him… then, she turned angrily to her sisters.

“You two sure took your time,” she snapped, clearly displeased.  

Ember didn’t even respond while Kitty just shrugged.  “We found him right?  Let’s just get on with this!”

“Very well…”

Desiree pulled out her spell book, which she had found still hidden in the very foundations of their old hideout.  She flipped through the book, double checking on what they needed while her sisters kept Danny close.  

“We need my crystal ball,” she said, snapping the book shut.  “Kitty, take us to Johnny’s grave.  The boy will dig it up for us.”

Danny was given no room to argue as they pushed and shoved and zapped him where they wanted to go, only stopping once they reached the edge of the old city graveyard.  An old shovel was sticking out of the dirt, either left behind by a groundskeeper, or placed there by Desiree earlier that night.  Ember shoved him forward, causing Danny to stumble as he nearly fell all over himself.  “Get digging, pretty boy!”

Danny groaned in discomfort, eyes glittering angrily at the witches as his backside continued to leak, but he snatched the shovel and began to dig.  He didn’t have any other choice.  Besides… he knew something they didn’t.

Despite his stiff upper lip, though, the sky was just turning grey in the distance by the time the shovel broke soil.  The witches kept glancing nervously at the horizon and yelling at him to hurry up, and each time Danny snapped back at them that if they wanted this to go quickly, they should get in here and dig themselves!  It seemed that witches could not enter hallowed ground, though, much to their mutual anger.  Just when Danny thought he wouldn’t be able to take it anymore–!


“AH!” Desiree gasped, shoving her sisters aside.  “Move, wenches!”

“Hey!”  “Owwwww…!”

The eldest G’Nauxe witch snarled at Danny down in the hole.  “Open the coffin, useless boy!” she snapped.  “There lies my crystal ball.  Fetch it and come out of that filthy hole!”

Danny mocked her from below, making faces as he mimicked her words.  With tired fingers, numb from digging and the chill, he pried open the moldy wooden coffin.  He coughed and winced at the sight below him, a dried up skeleton that was more of a husk then a person.  There were numerous trinkets in the coffin, but just at the dead man’s feet, lay a dirty crystal orb.

He picked it up and studied it, brows furrowed.  “Seriously?  All that for this thing?”

Before he could complain further, ghostly green hands grabbed his shoulders and hauled him back out of the hole and to his feet.  Ember and Kitty floated down to each of his sides and placed their cold hands over his, forcing him to hold the crystal ball tightly.  Desiree came close, opening her spell book with a maniacal light in her eyes.

“Finally… and not a moment too soon!” she hissed, glancing up at the lightning sky.  “Hold him tight, sisters!”

Kitty and Ember obeyed eagerly, holding him tight and glancing nervously over to the lightening horizon.  Desiree flipped through her book of spells, muttering to herself.  “Idiot Jonathan, I told him to bury my crystal ball in a specific place and we find it with his corpse?!  I cannot believe you used to date him, Kit.”

The green-haired witch shrugged, sighing dreamily.  “He knew how to drive a horse-drawn wagon!  What can I say~”

Desiree slapped at her and, raising a clawed hand to the sky, began to chant.  “Alacadabra!  Hocus pocus!  Immortalis latinus!  Iaintafraidanoghostus!”

For a moment, Danny got a little nervous as she chanted on.  Her voice took on an echo like quality and a chill wind blew around them, causing goosebumps to rise up on his arms.  His wide eyes flicked around nervously, breath coming out in pants as he felt a surge of energy flow around him, threw him.  The crystal ball began to glow–!

But just as her chanting reached a crescendo, there was a loud, ominous crack.  

Desiree went silent and all four looked down at the crystal ball in Danny’s hand’s.  It was split in two.


In the moment of shocked silence, Vlad’s voice rang out.  Danny looked around wildly, almost pulling free of the grip the ghosts had on him.  “Vlad?!  VLAD!!  OVER HERE!!”

Hair askew, clothes disheveled from the wind, and possibly the most beautiful person Danny felt like he’d ever seen in his life right now, Vlad skidded around a house of stone and sprinted towards the assembly.  “Danny!” he cried, face lighting up.  “Jazz went to the other graveyard, oh butternuts, it’s so good to hear your–!”

The ghostly sisters broke out of their trance at the sight of Vlad.  Desiree shrieked in fury and lashed out a hand to hurl the platinum-haired boy onto the spike of a stone angel–!

But something small and black leapt to take his place.

The spell grabbed hold of Dan, and before anyone could react, the spike of rock was piercing his tiny body.  “Oh my go–?!” Vlad gasped.

“WHY DIDN’T IT WORK?!” Desiree screamed, swooping up to Vlad.  She grabbed ahold of his throat and bore him high, high aloft – unaware of the quickly approaching dawn.  “IT’S YOUR FAULT!  IT MUST HAVE BEEN!!”

“Desiree!”  Ember warned, letting go of Danny as she floated backwards, knowing that running wouldn’t work, but instinctively trying to flee.  Kitty did the same, dropping Danny to the ground below.

“Th-the sun…”

Desiree didn’t hear them, still taking out her rage on Vlad.  Her sisters called for her once more but they were ignored.  Danny, fearing for Vlad at such a height, called out to her himself.

“Hey!  HEY!!  You ugly broad!”

The black haired ghost froze, slowly turning her head towards Danny.  “What did you just say to me?” she hissed.

“You heard me!” he shouted, glaring up at her.  “I said, you’re an old, UGLY, fat HAG!”

With a screech, Desiree dropped Vlad, allowing the young man to roll against the ground and away from her wrath.  She turned on Danny sweeping towards him.  Danny skittered out of her reach and rolled towards Vlad, standing near him protectively.  

“And guess what, witch?!  You’re too late!  I’m not a virgin anymore!”

“WHAT?!”  she screamed, blind to the fact that her sisters had abandoned her, attempting to run from there fate.  Danny just smiled at Desiree as she approached him, red eyes aglow, just as he heard the alarm go off on Vlad’s phone.

“And… it’s five am…”

The ghost gasped, whirling towards the eastern horizon–!

A sliver of blazing red came over the edge of the world.  Desiree’s scream was inhuman, accompanied by the woosh of cutting air as her form began to fade, extinguished by the light of day.  Kitty and Ember keened, clinging to one another and cowering in the shade.  But bit by bit, inch by inch… their ghostly limbs dissolved into bits of flame and smoke and unspoken words… blown away by the morning breeze…

Then, all was quiet, but for the lingering patter of blood against the grass.

Breathing hard, Danny hugged Vlad around the chest, looking up at him with big blue eyes.  “Are you okay?!  You fell, I was worried, I thought–!”

Warm lips gently silenced him.  Danny sighed, kissing Vlad back, enjoying the sensation of the older boy’s body heat against his chilled form.

Slowly pulling away, Vlad smiled thankfully at Danny, stroking his hair.  “I’m okay… I promise.”

The younger boy smiled – blushing happily – and helped him up.  Arms wrapped around one another, they stared up at the impaled black cat with mixed emotions.  “He was kind of a jerk, but… he probably saved my life…” Vlad murmured.  “I suppose we owe him a few words.  Whatever he was–”

“Save your breath, I didn’t do it for you.”

The two boys jumped, yelping, and stumbled to turn around.  There, hovering in midair, was the translucent, ghostly form of an enormous, barrel-chested man with blazing white hair and a witch hunter’s garments.  “I was just killing two birds with one stone,” Dan snapped.  “Now that the G’Nauxes are dead, their curse on me would be lifted anyway and I’d age so fast I’d practically become bones in seconds.  This was definitely better.  So you can suck on your tears, little punk.”

Danny frowned, huffing.  “Like we would actually cry over you…”

Okay, so maybe he WAS a little upset over it, but who wouldn’t be after seeing a kitten get murdered!  

He sighed, clinging to Vlad’s side as he finally began to relax.  “So… it’s finally over?”

“It’s over,” Dan confirmed, turning his back on the two of them.  “Now, if you two excuse me, I got someone waiting for me on the other side.  And he’s gonna be pissed at how long it took me, too… the bastard.”

He gave them a final cocky grin as he faded before their eyes, saluting them mockingly.  “And if you two suddenly get the bright idea to wake up any more witches?  Do me a favor.  DON’T.”

Vlad and Danny watched as wisps of white flame fluttered up towards the sky, vanishing from sight. They stood there in silence for a moment, minds slowly processing what had happened to them in the last five hours…



Danny turned and looked up at Vlad with a coy grin.  “I’m all messy.  Call my sister and then take me back to your place, help me get cleaned up?  We can make out afterwards~”

The older boy snorted, collected Danny in his arms, and nuzzled him.  “Only if I make breakfast~”

“Deal.  Oh, and Vlad…?”


Danny leaned up, pecked him on the lips, and smiled.  “Happy Halloween~!”



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