*long suffering sigh* 

So yeah, update time!  Finally saw a neurosurgeon and while I do not need surgery, I do need physical therapy for the next 6 weeks to help get my strength back up.  The tear in my muscle is likely only half way healed (takes two months or more for such a major tear to heal) but I need to start trying to help the healing so it heals right, and strengthen my back.  So here is hoping the pt works out okay, cause I admit, I’m nervous.  

I’m also seeing a chiropractor, and he seems optimistic but I admit that I’m really, really tired… Tired of being house bound and unable to work or even walk where I want to or go where I want to and just… I don’t know, I’m just tired…

Vlad and I have NOT dropped TTICSY, nor do we plan to, but it’s gonna be awhile till things pick up.  Thanks for sticking out with us through all this guys, I know it’s been a little dead over here.  But we love you all and we hope to give you guys some new stuff soon!  Love you guys!



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