Freakshow, what is my act in a circus.  Well, the Danny muse would likely be a contortionist, like in the fic.  The mun though… Oh man, I would suck at any of it, but If I could choose, I’d love to be something similar to Danny, but as one of those ribbon act dancers. They’re so graceful, I’d love to do that~

Frostbite, someone I greatly admire. Danny muse actually really admires his sister Jazz, she’s strong, smart and confident and there are many times he seeks for her advice~ As for the mun… hmmm… I’d have to say I greatly admire a couple of my teachers from college of course, and my mom.  My mom is pretty badass in how she handles things, she juggles far more then I could and I’m just mind blown sometimes. 


Freakshow – What is my act in a circus?

Muse: Lion tamer and firebreather~

Mun:  Oh geez, do you want me to die?  Um, one of those girls in sparkly dresses that smiles and waves their hands around to display the people with actual talent.

Frostbite – Someone I greatly admire.

Muse: My Vlad admires Danny, I think, but not for the traditional reasons.  I think he really appreciates the way Danny can see the beauty of the world and other people in ways he cannot, because Vlad’s tough life has jaded him to a lot of things like that.

Mun:  My animation professor.  He’s incredibly experienced and passionate about what he does, and while he’s extremely tough on you you can’t help but see that he really wants us to make it and become GREAT.  He has such a presence, but he’s not a jerk, either, he’s really awesome to be around and when he compliments you even on a small thing, it feels like you’ve won a cash prize.  I want to be able to control people’s attention like him when I grow up~



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