For day 3 of the DP OC week, swap~!

SO, what if your lovely Danny-mun was actually a ghost, hmmm~?  Okay, so I MAY have used this as an excuse to make a ghost me, but HEY, it’s a DP OC, a swap of my lovely living self, and it was HELLA fun and I look so cute as a ghost~!

If anyone is curious, her core is sort of a ‘creation’ core.  She can create and mold matter of all shapes and colors and because of this, has confused many ghosts to think she has a lava or snow core, since her favorite colors to work with is reds and blues~ 

I’m actually really happy with how this turned out, I hope you all like my little ghost-mun~!  Maybe I’ll draw more sometime~


Cromeart  (adding a link to my art blog cause why the frick not, right?)


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