Well, Danny will be off to college soon – ahh, I remember those days well – so I’m sure he’ll have many stressful days, especially if he insists on majoring in engineering, like he says.  But good news, he’s been accepted to the University of Wisconsin, my alma mater!  He’s going to be an ACTUAL Badger, and he’ll be living with me in my old castle while he goes there!!  I’m so excited for it~!

Ahem!  But I’m getting off the subject.  

The good part about having an older partner like myself is that at the end of a difficult week slaving over a hot computer, I will be there waiting with hot chocolate, a soft cashmere blanket, and a nice comfy bed to snuggle in while I listen to your troubles and praise you for your hard work.  

Trust me, I double-majored in college and even before my accident I would rarely want to canoodle right after finishing a hard week.  It’s so much effort.

Saturday morning, though… ❤



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