A fic written for the Phanniemay prompt ‘folklore’.  A dark, fantasy romance inspired by Coraline, with angst and smut and dark themes, rated NC17, NSFW. To those of you familiar with our fic “Until Dawn”, we think you will like this~

Read it Here~!


More of Danny’s days and nights passed, and while he was happy in Vladimir’s world, the only place he ever found peace was when he was swimming.  He just wished he had someone to talk to.  All he could really tell Valerie – his sole friend in this town or on the mortal plane, he was starting to worry – was that he was having relationship trouble and problems sleeping.  It wasn’t a lie.  She gave great advice, listened to him talk and told him how hot tea and warm bubble baths always helped her.  She was a balm to his fraying soul.

But then she recommended talking to his girlfriend about it.  That hadn’t gone so well…


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