First of all, NEVERRRRR~~ย 

Second of all, Iโ€™m actually a big fan of mythical lore from around the world, mainly Egyptian, Greek, and Gaelic. ย The fae lore is super interesting to me, mainly because it is ACTUALLY all over the place (fairies, changelings, shapeshifters, etc). Typically I enjoy the diversity of the creatures, but I really enjoy the more prominent dark side, and this au gave me and Vlad a chance to explore a far more dark and twisted view of the Unseelie court, the chaos driven and corrupt fae that, in this au, are actually the ruling party of the veil. ย We could have kept the creatures more traditional to the stories, but where is the fun in that~?ย 

Gosh, I could easily talk more and more about this, but there is the basic answer to your question! ย If anyone is interested in talking about mythical lore, just hit me up~ Iโ€™m still trying to think up a future Greek au me and Vlad could play in at later date for the next au hiatus, MAYBE~

And yes, we WILL be revisiting this fae au, we love it too much to just life it alone after a simple smutty bonus chapter, huehuehue~



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