Nyoko and I were talking. Since FIALT takes place over hundreds of years, fashion definitely changes. Not only that, but toxic masculinity eventually meets its end. Since fashion changes over the years, so does the way Danny and Vlad dress.

Vlad always wears the most fashionable clothing, even if the outfits are revealing or a bit uncomfortable. He always has to be the best dressed in any situation. His attire blends in easier with the business and formal worlds than the common/everyday setting. Everything in Vlad’s wardrobe is either black or in the warm toned family.

Danny, on the other hand, dresses for comfort first and foremost. All of the things he wears are usually cotton (or probably some synthetic material invented in the future to be durable but comfortable). Danny has an easier time dressing in things that would (in this time) be considered feminine or ‘girl clothing’ though he still can’t bring himself to wear a skirt without feeling exposed. Danny typically wears cool colors but also enjoys wearing earth tones.


Long live high-waisted pants.


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