“Does it feel good, love?”

As many times as they’ve done this – used a close during sex – Danny can never get used to hearing Vlad’s voice in stereo. He’s convinced that Vlad does it on purpose, just to mess with him.


Danny whines at the smug look on Vlad’s face. The older halfa wants him to use his voice, but at this point Danny is too afraid that he’s going to lose what little control he has. And if the collar sitting around his neck doesn’t work – like the last three prototypes – he could hurt Vlad, who is standing right in front of him.

“Use your words, Daniel. You can’t be that inarticulate already, you’ve only orgasmed four times.”

Danny wants to comment that technically Vlad hasn’t finished even once. His clone’s only finished once. Inside Danny.

But the second Danny opens his mouth, the clone behind him moves and Danny’s voice comes out a guttural mess. He’s so close. Has been for a while now, but Vlad and his clone are determined to make him wail before they give him his release.

You’re trying to kill me.  You are actually trying to kill me.  Holy FRICK.



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