Okay, one, I ADORE that scene, yes, that would SO happen in this au just like that.  And second, DUDE, I have a Kairi cosplay, an organization 13 Roxas cosplay, a casual Roxas, and I’m in the process of making a casual Sora cosplay! (need to style the wig, but I have the outfit! It consists of red jeans, checkered flip flops and a blue paupu shirt I made~) 

I also have an OC designed for KH too that I would love to make the cosplay for, it actually LOOKS like a KH outfit, I’m pretty proud~

I REALLY wanna try to get Vlad to cosplay a casual Axel and maybe a casual Riku when I finish my Sora cause he would make a GREAT Riku, yisssss~ 

Ugh, I LOVE that game so much… meeeeh~



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