I’ve actually been trying for DAYS to reblog stuff about Ectober week but for some weird reason, Tumblr refuses to allow me to reblog that one post.  So I guess I just have to make one myself!


Quoting @thickerthanectoplasm (sorry it resorted to this but I can’t seem to reblog the original post for some reason)

Ectober Week is a seven-day-long event meant to celebrate the unique darkand disturbing side of this twisted fandom.  You can draw, write, edit videos, craft, cosplay, basically do anything so long as your entry contains some element(s) from Danny Phantom and satisfies the following themes:

  • October 25th :: Ghost Lights
  • October 26th :: Possession
  • October 27th :: Masks/Costumes
  • October 28th :: Urban Legends
  • October 29th :: Candy / Séance
  • October 30th :: Mischief Night
  • October 31st :: Bad End / Darkness


Hehehe, Vlad and I have a few surprises for this week, and we are pretty excited about them actually~ I’m hoping to post something for the 27th, but at the moment we have two definite dates for our up coming surprise Halloween aus, the 28th, and the 31st~  

The 31st is one we are VERY proud of, but it’s very different from our usual stuff, so PLEASE be sure to read ALL the warnings and tags before you read, thank you!

(and also send good vibes in hopes we finish in time! *bites nails*)


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