I am both inside and out. Nothing can phase me.
I am the face you put on for strength and comfort,
tricking everyone around you.

You put me on to avoid the inevitable,
a buffer from reality.  
Without you I am merely nothing.
I thrive with your emotions and protect them
from the dangers of truth.
I am a mask.

Now, I am fear. People swim in me.
You desperately try to forget my pain.
I hang over you like a fog.
You spend you days ignoring me,
until I let lose all your woes.
I am the eternal enemy. I fill your heart and mind
with darkness.
I am what will destroy you,
inevitable like a hot flame on a dry log.

Ectober Day 3! Prompt: Mask/Costume

While Mod Rae argues that Vlad would be a white collar criminal whether he became half-ghost or not, I find myself wondering if the whole “hybrid’ thing contributed to his poor decisions and obsessive nature. I consider Plasmius a parasite, deteriorating its human host as it grows in strength. – Mod Carrie

Image based off Alphonse Mucha’s poetry, “The Mask Poem” by LemingX.


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