Teen rated warning for some weird ghost foreplay near the end, but it’s not smutty or really sexual at all, so sorry folks, no sex scene this time~

The sounds of the cavalry were loud, echoing off the rocks as Clockwork and Vlad climbed the sheer cliff face; the man growled, trying to haul himself up with more than a little difficulty.  “Having a little trouble down there~?” Clockwork called quietly, chuckling.

“Hush.  Those horns are just bringing back memories from my days in the army,” Vlad muttered.

“You fought in the army?”

“Yes, if you MUST know!  I was a prestigious brigadier, thank you very much!  Oof…”

Clockwork just chuckled and reached down to help him haul himself up onto the side of the rock face.  He waited for Vlad to catch his breath, then pointed towards the towering castle.  “There…”

Vlad watched with keen eyes as soldiers came riding into view, disappearing inside past the tall, thick gates.  The man scowled as Chitty rolled into view as well, before following after the soldiers inside.  Vlad could tell easily enough that the place was heavily fortified.  How were they going to get inside?

“You see now?”  Clockwork asked.  “You would need to be a mouse to sneak in.  Or a magician.”

Vlad frowned at his comment, watching as the gates closed with a heavy boom.  Clockwork placed a hand on his shoulder, nodding back towards the village.  “We should go before we are seen.  Quickly.”

Vlad hesitated, wanting to argue that he still hadn’t seen all he could, that surely there was another way around or inside.  But he swallowed the protests down and followed after the ghost.  Clockwork was right, there wasn’t much at all he could do now, and they couldn’t afford to be captured.  They would have to think of something else…


“Finally!”  Baron Johnny bellowed, laughing in victory as he strutted down the front palace steps towards the captured motorcar.  He pulled off his red leather coat and tossed it at a servant, hoisting himself up into the car with a cackle.  “It’s MINE!  HAHA!”

“Aye!” Youngblood cheered with the soldiers and spectators.  “All yours, your wickedness!”

“Don’t be a suck up, kid…  now,”  Johnny frowned, glaring down at the controls before him.  “How do you make it fly?”


The ghostly baron scowled, flipping switches and turning the steering wheel and pulling on levers, but nothing happened.  He growled, squeezing the car horn loudly.  “Get the inventor!”

“Right away, sir!”

Youngblood ran off quickly, barking orders as he went.  

Before long he came scurrying back, the soldiers dragging Jack along behind him.  “Yar, here he be!”

“Great,” Johnny snapped, moving over so they could push Jack forward towards the driver’s seat.  “You, you made the thing right?  How do you make it fly?”

Jack blinked down at the motorcar in surprise.  How on earth had it gotten here?  And if it was here, did that mean his son was nearby as well?  “Uh… where did you find it?”

“In the village,”  Youngblood said proudly.  “It was cleverly hidden beneath a bridge, but no one can hide treasure from me, argh!”

“Knock it OFF, kid.”


Jack sighed in relief.  So Danny and the others must be hiding in the village somewhere, attempting to save him.  Good, good…

“Now,” Johnny snapped, jostling him from his thoughts.  “Make it fly.”

Jack swallowed as he climbed into the car, nervous.  “Ah, right… fly.  Fly…”


“Nope, that wasn’t it.”

“Oh JOHNNY~!!”

Johnny turned to look back towards the castle doors, slumping dejectedly in his seat.  “Oh great… everytime I try to do anything remotely fun, SHE has to show up…”

Baroness Kitty came out of the castle dressed in an elegant red gown with black poofy sleeves.  Attop her head sat a little black riding hat with a red feather, pinned to her green curls.  She raised her skirts as she floated hastily down the stairs, waving at them.  “Wait for me, darling!”

“Yeah yeah, hurry up Kitty, so we can get going!”  Johnny retorted, an annoyed smile on his lips as a servant helped her climb into the back of the car.  “This is the car I told you about, babe.  The human is going to make it fly.”

“Fly?  Oh, that sounds exciting!”

Jack frowned as he fiddled with the other switches and levers, before spotting a tiny, little red button.  “Ah ha!”  he cried, grinning at the baron hopefully.  “Here’s one we haven’t tried yet!  Hold on everyone!”

However, when he pressed the little button, nothing happened.  They weren’t flying…

Well, except for one of them.



Johnny and Jack whirled around, eyes wide as a large spring ejected from the backseat, sending the baroness flying into the air.  She screamed as she started to fall, her massive skirts billowing out and catching the air, slowing her descent like a parachute.  Johnny stared up at her for a moment, mouth agape at the sight of her red pantaloons flashing all below her.  Then, he tilted his head back and roared with laughter, slapping a pale and frightened Jack on the arm.

“You, human, are a downright genius~!”

“JOHNNY!!”  she screeched.  “GET ME DOOOWN!!”

“Hold on, babe!  I got this!”  Johnny hollered back, standing up in the car seat.  He grinned wickedly, eyes lit up as he was handed a rifle from a nearby soldier.  “I’ve waited nearly 80 years to try this…  HOLD STILL, BABY!”

He took aim and fired at her skirts, grinning as the bullet skimmed by her side and caused her to cry out in alarm.  Or excitement, who knows which when it comes to ghosts.  Death was such a fun thing to play with when you were already dead…

His second shot hit its mark, punching a hole through her dress and causing her to plummet to the lake waters below.


Everyone rushed to the side of the battlement to check on her, Johnny laughing the whole way.  The baron laughed even harder as he watched his wife come trudging out of the water, dripping wet.  “You alright, babe?!”

“A-ack, gah!”  Kitty sputtered as she stepped onto dry land.  

Her red eyes glittered darkly up at him as she grimaced, promising revenge later for sure.   “Ooooh, I’m just FINE my little DUMPLING!  Ack!  But your aim SUCKS!”

Johnny laughed again, handing the soldier back his rifle.  “Don’t worry, I’ll get you next time~!”



Meanwhile – away from the excitement of the castle – skeletal hooves clopped down the cobblestones of the bridge.  Dan’s pointed ears pricked up at the sound of a gunshot, but he rolled his ruby eyes and whipped his horses onward; the baron and baroness certainly had some odd foreplay habits.

He steered his carriage down the hill, his sharp grin returning as he came closer to the village.  That clock maker had been pressing his buttons ever since he’d arrived here.  //I KNOW I smelled humans,// Dan growled internally.

The carriage stopped.  

Dan stepped out, pulling a photo of the young inventor – taken for those idiot spies Box and Technus – and smirking as his features began to shift.  His hair shortened and grew dark, his eyes transforming from red, to purple, to a bright baby blue…

//Time to press a few BUTTONS, myself~!//

He cleared his throat, and called out in Fenton’s voice.  “Hey!  Can anybody hear me?!”


In the cellar, Danielle perked up at the sound of her father.  “I’m locked out!” she heard him call.

Danielle rushed up the cellar steps towards the front door, clutching the little nutcracker doll she had been playing with.  “Daddy?  Daddy, its that you?”

“Yeah, it’s me!”  the voice called again.  “Open the door for me, okay?”

“Okay, hang on!”  Danielle cried, putting down the doll so she could use both hands to raise the bolt up from behind the door.  If she had been thinking clearly past her hungry belly, she would have noticed that her dad sounded a little odd.  But soon the door was open, and it was too late for the girl to realize that something was wrong.

In the doorway… a dark figure loomed high, high over the tiny girl.  

A cape unfurled.  Red eyes shot open.

Dan bared his razor-sharp fangs.  “BOO.”

The little girl gasped, stepping away from the door quickly and turning to run.  But a large hand grabbed her arm and scooped her up before she could get away.  She kicked and screamed as he threw her over his shoulder, leaving the toy shop with the door wide open.  “Put me down, put me down!”

“Sorry, kid, no can do.  You can blame Clockwork for this little setback.”

“H-huh?”  she gasped, confused.  

She yelped as she was tossed into the back of a barred carriage, the door locked shut.  The large ghost gave her a wicked grin from outside the carriage.  “Now, do feel free to scream as loudly as possible, it just makes it all the more convincing~”

Dan laughed as he walked away and climbed up into the carriage, taking the reigns once more.  “Oh boy, Clocky is gonna have my head later.  Hahaha!  YA!”

“DADDY!”  Danielle screamed as the carriage jolted forward, spiriting her away.  “DADDY!  DADDY, HELP!!”

Around the corner, Danny came to a stop, turning around with wide eyes as he swore he had just heard his daughter calling for him.  “Danielle?”

Hoof beats echoed around the square as the carriage came into view, speeding past the shocked young man as he stepped back, trying to avoid getting run over.  His eyes widened as he saw his little girl in the back, shaking the bars and crying for him, reaching for him.


The basket of foraged fruits and nuts hit the cobblestones as he went running after the carriage, desperately trying to catch up, to get his daughter back.  But the skeletal horses were too fast, and soon the carriage was out of sight, heading up towards the castle.  “DANIELLE!!  DANIELLE!!”

Danny fall to the ground, hand coming up to try and stifle his sobs as tears streamed down his face.  His baby girl… she was gone!


Heavy footsteps rattled down the cobblestones.  Vlad grabbed the sobbing young man, checking him over for injury.  “What’s wrong?!  Are you hurt?!” he demanded.  Clockwork swept up behind him, his soft garnet eyes bright with worry; around them, ghostly heads poked out at the noise.  Small translucent children wandered out first, tugging at their parent’s hands – and eventually, a crowd of curious dead circled the trio.

“H-he took her!”  Danny sobbed, turning his head into Vlad’s chest as he cried uncontrollably.  “He t-took my little g-girl!  He took D-D-Danielle!”

He shook his head wildly, hiccuping a bit on his sobs as he tried to breath.  “I was o-only gone for a m-moment!  I sh-shouldn’t have left h-her, but she was s-s-so hungry!  I just went to g-get her food!  I sh-shouldn’t have l-left!  Oh g-god, it’s my fault!  It’s my f-fault!”

Vlad clutched Danny close, his blazing blue eyes on Clockwork.  “Isn’t there ANY WAY we can get into that castle?!” he demanded.

The clock maker frowned, then glanced uncertainly at their audience.  Their faces ranged from blank, to sad, to reluctant…

“There… is one way.”

“Well, tell us!!” Vladimir snapped, holding Danny like he would never let go.  “I’ll do anything, I don’t care what it is!  We have to get Danielle back!!”

Clockwork blinked…

Then, he grinned mischievously.  “ANYTHING?”


Dan had brought the child before the baron and baroness, as was expected of him.  The other noble ghosts oohed and awed over the human for a moment, before Kitty demanded that Dan take it from her sight.  Johnny looked bored over the whole affair and told Dan to do whatever he wanted with the human.

So Dan took her to the only other human in the castle.  Jack.

He didn’t say a word as he shoved her into the tower dungeon, walking away as he heard her cry out happily for her ‘grandfather.’  His face was expressionless as he passed a cowering guard.  “Go get them food.  Now.”

“Y-yes, sir!  Right away, sir!”

Dan rolled his eyes as the ghost ran off.  It benefitted him to have most of the staff here so scared of him, but it was boring.  At least Clockwork would talk back, wouldn’t cower under him.  It’s why he even bothered with the other ghost.  He was just so… interesting.  Too bad the other ghost didn’t really like him much.  Oh well…


Johnny hummed happily to himself as he strutted into his bed chambers.  It was the night before his some 200th or so birthday and he had already managed to get hold of that magical car!  He was in very high spirits.

He stopped short at the sight of Kitty leaning against her vanity, daintily pulling down her curls.  He smirked at the sight of her in stockings and a black nightgown, red little heels tapping against the cobblestones as she stood.  

“Well, look at you~!” Johnny crooned, tiptoeing playfully up to his wife.  “Aren’t you just a PICTURE~”

Kitty giggled and tapped his nose with her finger.  “Nooooo, not tonight!” she teased, shaking her booty just a little bit.  “Tomorrow you’ll be the birthday boy, and then you can ask for anything you want.”

“Awwwww, but baaabyyyyy~” Johnny whined.

He snagged her around the hips, pulled her close, and grinned.  “You’re my little chu-chi face~!” he sang, horribly off key as he booped her nose in return. “My coo-chi, coo-chi, woo-chi little chu-chi face!”

Kitty snorted, but nuzzled into his hand playfully.  

Johnny wrapped his hand around her throat delicately… then gripped her with both hands, and squeezed.  “Every time I look at you I SIGH~” he smirked.

Kitty gasped, eyes closing for just a second before she pulled out of his hold.  She shook her finger at him with a grin, like he was a naughty boy.  “And you’re my little teddy bear~”  she sang, voice a little high pitched but far better than her husband’s.  “My lovey lovey dovey little teddy bear~”

Johnny watched her keenly as she pranced around him, eyes on her long legs.  She leaned against a nearby suit of armor with a grin, beckoning him closer as her fingers danced over the armor.  

“You’re the apple strudel, of mine eye~”

Johnny leaned in for a kiss when she made a move to do so, only to jump back in surprise as the armor dropped its axe, missing his head by an inch.  Kitty just laughed and danced away.

Johnny grinned and gave chase.  “Your chu-chi woo-chi nose–”

The baron snagged his wife again and picked her up, laying her down on the table in the middle of their room.  The spiked iron chandelier dangled precariously above their heads.  “Your chu-chi woo-chi eyes~” Johnny continued, backing away as he made a show of appreciating the view up her nightgown.  “They set my heart a-flutter~!”

Kitty arched, rolling onto her side as she looked at Johnny from under her lashes.  “Your ooo-chi coo-chi ways, your ooo-chi coo-chi gaze~”

She rolled back onto her back once more, raising one stocking clad leg high in the air as she sang, voice dropping to a deeper, sultrier tone.  Or at least trying to.

“Wilts me down like melting butter–!”

Without warning, Kitty rolled off the table.  Just as a spike from the chandelier fell, impaling its tip in the table.  


Kitty startled, looking over at Johnny with wide, heated eyes, clearly impressed with the near impalement.  She leaned back against the table with a breathless chuckle, panting softly as the adrenaline rush raced through her from the near ‘death’ experience.  

“You’re my little chu-chi face!” Johnny purred, helping her up.

Kitty’s breasts pressed soundly against his chest.  “And you’re my teddy bear~”  she cooed, wrapping her arms around his neck as he spun her away from the table and lay her down on the bed.  

“Together we’re a chu-chi woo-chi, ooo-chi coo-chi pair~”

The baron smirked slyly and leaned in for a kiss.


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