Box Ghost, strange collections or obsessions.  I really love Kingdom Heart stuff, I tend to collect anything related to them I can find and afford.  Same with certain Disney characters.  *COUGH* Stitch *COUGH*.  But right now, I am in love with THESE precious things~

Nemu Neko plushes.  I have two big ones and one little tiny one and I want MORE.

Danny Fenton, biggest lie I ever told.  Hmmm… Honestly, I don’t really.. lie?  I mean, I guess you could say my Phantom side is big lie, LOL, but speaking as the mun and muse, I prefer to be honest and white lies really aren’t big… Oh, I know, the biggest lie would have to be when I was a kid. I stole something and lied to my parents face about it. Of course I was caught and punished, but that was likely my biggest lie. 

Danny Phantom, what would I choose as a superhero name. Well, obviously the muse chose Phantom, lol~ As for the mun… It would depend on what power I would have.  I would KILL for shape shifting powers (and I mean unlimited shape shifting powers). So… Perhaps something like the Illusionist? Since every form is an illusion. Something like that, Illusion, Morph, Changeling maybe.  I need to think on this, lol~


Box Ghost – Strange collections or obsessions?

Muse: It’s actually canon in the TTICSY universe that Vlad has a small garden of blood blossoms that he’s had for years, in order to build up his immunity to them.  He also searches out objects in the Ghost Zone that would be too powerful in the wrong hands and keeps them for himself.  Vlad tells himself he’s doing it for “the greater good” but he’s honestly saving them for a rainy day~

Mun:  Hmmmmmmm.  Define strange, I guess?  My hobbies include reading and writing fanfiction and original fiction, drawing, having dirty daydreams, watching cartoons… nothing totally out of the ordinary.  I sorta collect prints that I buy at anime conventions, and I’m thinking of getting a beta fish?  *shrugs*  I dunno.  I really like looking cute, and if there’s a mirror in the room I can’t help but look at myself, even if I’m talking to another person.  That’s a LITTLE weird, I guess.  Oh!  Although I wouldn’t call it an obsession, I like little sparkly trinkets and subtle fandom merch!  Does that count?

Danny Fenton – Biggest lie ever told?

Muse:  The biggest lie CURRENTLY is the secret kept from Maddie and Jack that, you know, Vlad and Danny are INVOLVED.  He’s very good at hiding it, though.

Mun:  Umm… define biggest lie?  *shrinks in on myself*  Probably the fact that my parents are under the impression that I don’t read or roleplay sexually explicit stuff?  THAT I DON’T READ OR ROLEPLAY SEXUALLY EXPLICIT GAY STUFF?

Danny Phantom – What would I choose as a superhero name?

Muse:  Plasmius, because he’s an uncreative dork.

Mun:  Aw geez, um… if I had superpowers, I wouldn’t want a superhero name, really!  I’d probably use my powers purely for selfish or juvenile purposes, maybe skirting some laws but hopefully not COMPLETELY breaking them.  Therefore… I guess my superhero name would be some kind of Jane Doe name to use in case suspicion was aroused.



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