Since I already answered these in another ask, I’m going to turn this into a Dark Dan question, am I capable of murder. The Danny muse?  If his family or lover or friends where seriously threatened?  or for self defense? Yes, no question.  For the mun, I’d say yes if its self defense and for protecting someone very close to me, but outright murder?  I don’t think so. 


Dark Dan – Am I capable of murder?

Muse: Oh yeah, definitely.  He wouldn’t lose a wink of sleep if it was for good reasons.

Mun:  It’s a difficult question to answer, since you can’t really know how you’ll react to a situation until you’re in it, plus using the phrase “capable of murder” is odd.  Like, am I physically ABLE to commit murder?  I’m kinda skinny, so not with my bare hands unless my fingernails punched into a vital artery; I think I’d need a weapon.  Do I completely lack the emotional strength to erase a life?  I don’t think so.  In fact, in the heat of the moment I would think it might be difficult to stop hurting my assailant once they were under my power. If it was just for the sake of murder?  Heck no.  If it was to protect myself or those I love?  Yeah, I think I am.



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