WOOT WOOT!  Big fan of ATLA.  ❤

Okay, first of all I really love the visual of Danny being a waterbender, but the thing is with his canon personality?  He’s super stubborn and usually tries to power his way through everything rather than be clever or evasive, so I really see Danny as an earthbender Avatar rather than an airbender or waterbender.  So in this case, it’d be more like Avatar the Last Earthbender~

ANYWAY, in this AU, Danny was a typical Ba Sing Se school kid that – according to tradition – was informed of being the avatar on his sixteenth birthday.  The Fire Nation has still been mounting their assaults for a while, but the citizens of the Earth Kingdom are so sure that they won’t get far that they continue to teach Danny at a leisurely pace, keeping him in ignorance of the approaching threat.  Meanwhile, I would think he’d be actually pretty excited to be the avatar, with all that power at his disposal?  Heck yeah!  He has trouble finding a balance between the planes though; he can completely slip into the spirit world sometimes and stay there for DAYS, and then he won’t meditate for weeks on end (ergo the half-ghost thing~?  Heheheheh).  Anyway, he masters earthbending pretty quickly and goes to ask the Earth King if he should head on over to the Fire Nation… only to be told to wait.  Danny isn’t patient, he wants to learn firebending now!  And since they insist on not telling him about the war, Danny is ignorant as he takes his giant badger mole Cujo and leaves Ba Sing Se under the cover of darkness…

As hours pass and they dig through the bedrock to reach far beyond the outer wall, however, they suddenly find themselves drowning in a landslide of boiling black sludge.  Little to Danny’s knowledge, this is the first attack of the Fire Nation to reach so close to Ba Sing Se – a mix of napalm and iron grit that cannot be earthbended, but can seep into the earth, be set on fire, and burn it from the inside out; once burned, the soil and rock is too tainted by the mixture to be used for earthbending.  Danny’s avatar spirit awakens, he airbends/waterbends a sphere around him and Cujo, and a hundred years of war begins.

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I sketched some stuff for this…



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