the new tticsy au keeps crashing mobile im so ffukcing

It’s because it’s sooooo gooooodddd

IT IS SO FUCKING GOOD HOLY SHIT ive already read it like 3 times im gay

I’m always a slut for murderous beautiful fae creatures

ohh my god same? Danny as fae is soooooo well done and i LOVE how the vlad reveal was handled bye i fucking love

Right?! I kind of figured fae Danny was possibly evil, but I was like, meh, I’ll give him a chance but that whole reveal and how they dealt with Maddie.
Holy crap. It was beautiful.

This is pretty much me and Vlad right now, laughing and bouncing around and dancing cause HOT DAMN, we had NO IDEA you guys would like the story so much and I am so flipping happy you love my fae Danny and Vlad is so happy you like how the reveal was handled and AHHHHHHHHH~!!! We are just so HAPPY~!!!



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