Phanniemay is back for its third year, a little different than usual!  As you can see there’s less themes – while it was a noble effort, 31 different themes was a lot of things for people do, and not a lot of people have that kinda time.  Even I haven’t gotten halfway through one Phanniemay. Thus, we now have themes in segments!  

For those of you concerned about the change, I have a proposition for you: if you still want to do 31 different pieces, the challenge is now to interpret the theme differently for each day.  So for Dreams you would do four different pieces, three for Girl Power, two for CrossOver, etc.  

This is not an art-only calendar, nor a writing-only one.  Any type of submission is welcome!  Be it art, writing, cosplaying, crafting, music, video editing, etc.  Whatever you can do to participate is fine!

The official tags for this event will be #Phanniemay and #Phanniemay15 (no space), so please tag it appropriately!  Remember not to post progress shots or casual, non-fic text posts in the tag as it’s for completed submissions only, and please tag for any triggers should your submission contain them.

If you don’t understand the themes, don’t worry – each theme will have a little description and a reminder on its first day.  You are not required to make something for each and every one, and any interpretation of the theme is good, as long as it vaguely relates to the word(s).

Any other questions?  Ask me!  Otherwise, have fun!!!

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