PhannieMay Day 27: Happily Ever After~!

I almost forgot to post this, aaahhh!  So this is another collab Vlad and I did for PhannieMay!  I drew and colored the art, and he did the magazine edit and photo affects~!  I’m really happy with how this turned out~!

Our idea here, was that they both ended up on a popular magazine cover after Vlad proposed to him.  We thought it was cute~




Omfg yall really like pompous pep. Im glad im not the only one trash for it

PhannieMay Day 23: Dragons~

OMG OKAY, so me and Vlad actually did a collaboration with this one~!  I sketched out the rough drawing, then I drew dragon!Danny while Vlad drew dragon!Vlad!  Once we finished the inks and flat colors, Vlad gave me his finished pic so I could edit them together, give them scales, and shade them~

We honestly weren’t sure how our art styles and coloring styles would look against each other, but we were super duper pleasantly surprised~!

Oh, and here is a sideways angle too, in case you wanted to see this at a different angle~

We did one more collab piece for the phanniemay month as well, so look forward to that~!




This is my take on a snow ghost, designed with the idea that perhaps Danny, from the cartoon show Danny Phantom, might one day become a full ghost.  This was posted on a side blog of mine for PhannieMay, but I wanted to share it here as well because I’m proud of how it turned out~  

I really needed to work on frost patterns though… bah.



PhannieMay day 20: Snow~

I actually came up with this design MONTHS ago but I never shared!  This is my take on a full ghostie Danny, a little snow/frost core ghostie~  I thought this would be the best time to finish and post this pic, hope you guys like it~!